If you’re a recent college grad, this link roundup is for you. We’re putting together advice, tips, and everything under the sun to help your post-graduation. Check it out!

The Best Books to Gift College Graduates This Commencement Season

The last thing you probably want to be doing is reading any more books right after graduation, but if you didn’t have time for some personal reading during your college days – this summer is the perfect time for them. And not just casual fantasy, or fiction. But for development, growth and personal motivation. So here’s a list of the best books to read after you graduate that will be beneficial for all the years to come.

CEOs share their best advice for college graduates

“Since experience can be a great teacher, I reached out to CEOs and business leaders to find out what they wish they had known when they started their first jobs”. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was always this easy to get advice prior to decision making? Thankfully these CEO’s are doing that for you. Check it out.

15 Best Money Tips for College Grads

One skill we’re not taught in school (yet) is how to be good with your finances. And then when you graduate, you’re expected to understand and oversee your own finances, job, etc. So here are 15 quick and best tips for post-college graduation and how to best manage your finances. Check them out..

What to Do After You Graduate

“It’s okay if you don’t know what your ‘craft’ is, or what you’re going to focus on for the next several years or decades. It blows me away how much pressure we put on young people to have their lives figured out, when the truth is, ‘figuring it out’ is a forever game”. Find out why Gary Vaynerchuk believes that what we are taught is the opposite of what college grads should be doing. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

12 Pieces of Advice for New Grads That Everyone Should Take

If you’re wanting any general advice about life after graduation, here’s another simple list for you. The LinkedIn community shares their advice here. Check it out.


What is the best advice you’ve received post-college, or so far? Comment down below!