Job seeker presenting her resume during a job interview.

December is here, which means the end of the year is close, along with the beginning of a new one. It’s a time when some companies decide to make cuts for budgetary reasons, and some job seekers make resolutions to find employment. Whether you’re looking for a job or currently have one, our Link Roundup this month has advice for you!

A Recruiter Shares the Best Way to Follow Up On a Job Application

When you are applying to jobs, the work doesn’t end when you submit your resume. While some companies will be proactive and reach out to you, some take more effort. Knowing how to appropriately and professionally follow up is an important skill for any job seeker. This article introduces some great approaches that should leave a positive impression.

Recruiters Toss Resumes with Spelling Mistakes Straight Into the Trash

Wondering why your resume isn’t getting you any calls back? It may be because of a tiny typo you missed when proofreading. Many recruiters see small typos and errors on a resume as unforgivable. To a recruiter, allowing any mistakes on a document as important as your resume indicates that that problem may translate to your work if you were hired. Make sure your resume is thoroughly spellchecked and correct with the steps mentioned in this article.

How Not to Describe Your Past Work Experience in a Job Interview

This article from CNBC uses some footage from one of their newer shows, The Job Interview. In the footage, a young woman interviews for a job and describes her unclear career history, that doesn’t show one specific direction. When candidates are asked about their experience, this isn’t the route they should take. Instead, highlight relevant experience to the new position, and how that experience would benefit you in the role if you were hired. Check out the full article for more thorough advice.

What to Say and Do When Someone Around You Loses Their Job

The holidays are a great time to meet with family and eat lots of delicious treats. However, work might not be nearly as much fun. Many companies are preparing for year end close, which results in an analysis of the annual budget. Some companies wind up laying off a number of employees at the end of the year. If this happens to one of your colleagues, it can be a tough situation to address. Check out this link for help understanding the best way to deal with a coworker losing their job.

How Your Next Job Will Find You On LinkedIn

With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of LinkedIn, it’s certainly not going anywhere, and it will likely continue to be a stronger force in the job market. Accepting that reality and setting up an optimized profile on LinkedIn will greatly benefit your job search and career. With this advice from Forbes, you can make sure your profile gets in front of the right people who have the right opportunities.

Money Is No Longer the Biggest Incentive in Selecting a Job

With a new generation of professionals entering the workforce, priorities are changing. Based on the results of a recent survey, employees prioritize finding a company with similar values to their own over salary. In fact, some companies are willing to take a pay cut to find that agreement in values. Younger generations of professionals have been prioritizing culture and work environment over more traditional benefits like compensation and raises. It will be interesting to see how the job market changes as a result of a new generation enters the workforce.

Five Ways to Get More Respect at Work

Not feeling respected at work? Lack of respect can throw a serious wrench in your plans for success. It complicates your ability to successfully communicate and work with others. Addressing a lack of respect at work is not easy, but it can be done. This article from Fast Company has five steps you can try to help garner more respect at work.

Hiring Managers to Job Seekers: No Thank-You Note, No Job

Between this article’s title, and the other on throwing away resumes, you’d think that no one gets hired. However, these dramatic titles are simply ways to highlight the importance of both topics. Addressing typos in your resume is just as important as sending a thank you note following an interview. A simple email thanking the interviewer for their time and the opportunity can make all the difference. Make sure you send one following your next job interview!

Fed Officials Are Concerned About Hot U.S. Labor Market

This article from Bloomberg paints an interesting picture- the job market is so strong that the Federal Reserve is considering raising rates. Unemployment hit 4.1% in October of this year, which the article states was a 16 year record low. This has been raising questions about inflation, and the effects the labor market should have on it. For a full breakdown of the situation and all possibilities, check out the full article, which is very in-depth.

Whether you’re current employed or unemployed, it’s always good to be up to date on the latest trends and happenings in the job market. We’ll do our best to keep you informed, and hope you enjoyed the updates from this week. Check back again next week for a fresh batch of links full of advice and updates!