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We’re back with another Link Roundup, and this time we have advice for both parties: those who are looking for a job, and those who have already found one! Starting we have some great resume advice, and some tips to avoid common job search scams. Later on, we also have some advice on balancing your personality at work, and how to send a subtle message to an employer, courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg. If any of that sounds interesting to you, check out those links and more below!

A Former HR Exec Who Reviewed Over 40,000 Resumes Says These 7 Mistakes Annoy Her

Tina Nicolai started a company called Resumes Writers’ Ink, and since then she has seen more than 40,000 resumes. It’s safe to say then that she knows a mistake when she sees it! In this video from Business Insider, she points out a few of the most annoying and common mistakes she sees on resumes. Most of the mistakes are not as easy to catch as simple grammatical errors. If you’re updating your resume, definitely click this link.

How Not to Get Scammed As A Job Seeker

Job seekers are hopeful and sometimes desperate. These qualities can also make them easy prey to scammers. Fake job postings and too-good-to-be-true opportunities are usually a front for identity theft. It’s important to balance your optimism with caution in a job search. This article should help you pick out any scams before they can get any compromising information from you. Typically most of these scams occur on Craigslist, but they are spreading to other job boards. Give this a quick read to stay secure in your job search.

What to Say When You Don’t Have a Good Answer in an Interview

It’s much more common than you think. You’ve been doing incredibly well in the interview, answering questions, and sometimes even causing some laughter and smiles from your interviewer. Then they drop a question, and you suddenly realize you don’t have an answer at all. It’s a tough place to be in an interview, but not impossible to overcome. This blog will help you develop a quick response, keep your calm, and move on.

Could Your Personality Derail Your Career?

This next link is from the Harvard Business Review, and it’s extremely well researched and intriguing. This specific article looks at positive traits that can turn negative if they are left unchecked. Suggesting that career advancement and promotions can push traits like boldness, diligence, and caution too far an turn them into negative characteristics. They examine these ‘dark side’ traits, and recommend self awareness to anyone who may possess them. An interesting read that may keep you from letting some traits evolve and hurting your career. It even has some suggestions towards the end, along with case studies.

Hourly Workers Unhappier Than Salaried on Many Job Aspects

A new study by Gallup looked at the job satisfaction in multiple areas of hourly workers vs. salaried workers. Unsurprisingly, salaried workers came out on top in most categories, but not by the margin you are probably expecting. Aspects studied include vacation time, retirement, job security, stress level, amount of work, and others. As part of Gallup’s annual Work and Education poll, the numbers are interesting and definitely worth a look.

Why Mark Zuckerberg Wore a Tie To Work Every Day Since 2009

In 2009, Mark Zuckerberg wore a tie to work every day, quite a different look for the casually clothed CEO. Known for his consistent grey shirt and jeans, he changed up his attire for one year in 2009. The reason? He wanted to show all of Facebook’s employees that it was a serious year for the company. He wanted to signal confidence in the fallout after the recession, and reassure his employees. This is a smart tactic, and one job seekers and employees alike can both utilize. How you dress signals professionalism to your interviewers and coworkers, so keep that in mind when putting together your attire.

That’s all for now! We hope you enjoyed the links, as this week we aimed to provide advice for both parties: job seekers, and workers. As always we’ll once again scour the web for the best links for career professionals, and return with a new set next week!