This week we’ve once again curated the very best links regarding everything career related. To mix it up, this week’s links are listed in order of where you are along your career path. If you’re fresh on the job market the earlier links may help you. However if you’re a grizzled career veteran you’d benefit more from the last few links. Either way, we hope you find something useful.

Create a Resume That Works

This article is great because it takes you step by step through resume writing while covering common mistakes. This article is a valuable resource for anyone with a young resume looking to find a job. Also, something unique about this article is that it is written and posted in the future! This link roundup was posted on 9/2 while the article is posted 9/6, pretty interesting!

10 Easy Ways To ‘Epic Fail’ Your Job Search

It’s very easy for a job seeker to trip up during their search, especially when you first get started. These mistakes may not be made by long time workers, but it’s a helpful guide for new professionals. Definitely check out this list of what not to on your job search.

4 Unique Ways These Companies Are Finding the Best Job Candidates

If you’ve ever sat in a conference room interviewing for a position and thought, “You know what would pair well with this process? Cheese and wine.” then this is the article for you. This article examines some of the more outside the box approaches companies are taking to attracting and hiring qualified candidates. This includes re-evaluating what types of skills and qualities are given weight.

These 10 Jobs Are Poised for Big Salary Spikes in 2017

Robert Half examined current trends and made projections on what positions can expect a large pay increase in the coming year. Some of the industries on the list include information technology, engineering, and legal. The list is a testament to the staying power of STEM jobs.

14 Things Successful People Do in the First Week of a New Job

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people starting a job this month in the U.S., you’re likely scrambling to catch up and learn what to do. This link has 14 simple tips of how to make a good transition. Some of them are so simple-yet-effective you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

The Jobs Perplex: With U.S. Unemployment Low, Why is Job Dissatisfaction and Anxiety So High?

Some economic experts believe the the U.S. is close to if not already at full unemployment. This means the majority of job seekers looking for jobs have found them. Despite these numbers job satisfaction is low and anxiety is high. This article attempts to uncover why this is the case and what can be done.

What to Do If You Feel Stuck in Your Career

Although you’ve enjoyed your job for a number of years, you feel stuck in an endless loop without any movement. If this describes you, this article has some suggestions to why you feel this way and what you can do. Keep in mind this article is geared towards experienced workers, not fresh workers looking to hop between jobs.

15 TED Talks That Offer Career Advice You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

TED talks have become extremely popular. Originally starting out with a focus on technology, entertainment, and design, they now cover a wide array of topics. They are a great way to expand your knowledge in an area and think in a new and different way. These suggested TED talks aren’t your common career advice, and you’ll likely find at least one that sparks your interest.

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