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This week we are talking all about networking. We have gathered links that dive deeper into the world of networking for the job-seeker, employed, and beyond! Whether you’re timid or a pro when it comes to networking, we have something worth your read.

Why Networking Is Good For the World, And How to Do It Well

The main premise of networking is meeting new people in your industry and potentially even landing a job. Forbes takes networking a step further and explains how it has the potential to impact the nation and beyond! Meeting new people with different backgrounds, skills, etc.. can shape a new direction on many problems facing the world today. Find out exactly how by giving this article a read!

Networking: Just Do It

A common misconception is that networking is for a job-seeker or entry-level candidate. Networking is actually beneficial to anyone wherever they may be in their career! Whether it’s to help you land your first job or helping grow your network of knowledge; there is something for you. Check out this article to learn the ins and outs of networking!

8 Networking Tips for Introverts

Networking can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience for most introverts. This doesn’t mean you should ditch the thought of attending a networking event! Wise Bread has provided some great tips to help an introvert become a networking success.

Networking Should Not End When You Retire

Boredom and loneliness are two common feelings when retirees exit the workforce. Often they enter back into the workforce to feel the sense of belonging and engagement that their job once provided them with. That can be one of the solutions, but there are several! Keeping yourself active and connected to your network can keep you much busier than you think. Take a read on the ways you can enjoy your retirement while still keeping busy.

How to Organize a Killer Networking Event

Hosting a networking event can be stressful. Who should attend? Should it be industry-specific? How many vendors should I have? Should it be open to the public?  The list goes on…. This article provides great insight into planning a networking event that attracts the people you want and is a success!

Link and Build: 5 Ways on How to Improve Your Networking Game

The amount of knowledge you can gain from the people around you is infinite! Like anything else, networking takes practice. Networking events can be hours long and you don’t want to walk out empty-handed. Before attending the next one, take a peek at these tips provided by Kulture Hub to make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

The 80-20 Rule Will Make You a Much Better Networker

When you’re attending a networking event or job fair, you are there to speak to many different people. Other attendees are there to speak to many others as well; so don’t focus on just ONE person. The Muse explains how the 80-20 rule can benefit your networking conversations!