new year

The New Year is just a few weeks away, and with that comes new opportunities, getting motivated, goal setting and resolutions. Although this can already be an exciting time of year, having some guidance and motivational tips can encourage the excitement while we creep through December! Check out these podcasts, tips, TED Talks and more in this week’s link roundup below!

The 6 Best Podcasts For Your Life And Career

One of the best resources to learn and get inspiration from is Podcasts. “Luckily, the podcast world is filled with some amazing, impressive entrepreneurs, business leaders, life coaches, and more.” says Ashley Stahl. Check out these 6 podcasts that range from money, inspo, and happiness, here!

17 Women On Their Career Goals For 2019

If you are wanting to set career goals but don’t exactly know how to start or go about them, this blog is a great resource. Read more to hear 17 different women share their goals and how they are achieving them, here!

5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals at Work, From a Career Expert

Breaking down your goals is an extremely efficient way of reaching them. When you know exactly where to focus your attention, you’re more likely to see them through. The process is actually quite simple when you do it one small task at a time. To find out the breakdown of setting career goals, read here!

28 of the Best Motivational TED Talk Videos to Inspire You

If you haven’t found TED Talks yet, you’re welcome. They are the best mix of inspirational, educational, motivational and thought-provoking. They’re just the right length and the perfect dose of a pick-me-up when you need it! Check out these 28 Motivational Ted Talks to watch when you’re feeling unmotivated, or binge them all at once (you won’t regret it)!

Video Pick: Keep Your Goals to Yourself

ONE more TED Talk to finish off this week’s link roundup, but this talk takes a different approach. Sharing your goals with your peers can keep you accountable, but it can also make you feel like you’re taking steps in achieving them by talking about them. Watch this TED Talk about keeping your goals to yourself to find out the study behind why it works!