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It has become increasingly more difficult for companies to fill open roles with a lower pool of candidates to choose from. Top talent candidates are most likely interviewing at several companies, so it is important to prove that you are the best option for them. There are several ways to entice them, which you will learn about in the links below! Individuals want to work for a company that matches their values and needs.

Five Effective Candidate Sourcing Tricks You’re Missing

Top talent may not come knowing on your door, so go out and seek them! While the unemployment rate is low, recruiters and companies need to get creative when sourcing candidates. This Forbes article contains tips and tricks to help you find top talent in today’s job market.

 Employers Use Health Benefits to Recruit Workers

You may find a top talent candidate, but several companies probably have as well! You have to prove that your company is the perfect fit for the candidate with incentives and benefits. This article from EHS Today talks about how employers are increasingly using health benefits to win over talent. It is evident with the polls taken from this article that benefits are on the top priority for job seekers.

Workings are ‘Ghosting’ Interviews in a Strong Job Market

As the unemployment rate goes down, an increase in “ghosting” has occurred. Individuals are blowing off job interviews, accepting offers and never showing up to work, and even disappearing mid-job. Right now, 20 to 50% of workers are pulling no-shows! Find out why there is a rise in this occurrence and how to prevent it from happening to your company.

In a Tight Labor Market, Retirees Fill Gaps Their Previous Employers Can’t

In today’s job market, more and more retirees head back into the workforce due to needing money or needing something to do. One hospital in the Bronx made a special program for retirees to freelance, so they could work the hours they wanted and also have the free time they wanted. This helped prevent a potential nurse shortage and kept quality talent on their team. This could be a possible future installment in some companies! Find out more in this NY Times article.

How to Avoid a Bad Hire: 4 Red Flags to Watch For

As the unemployment rate lowers, managers are struggling to find top talent, reliable, and retainable employees. According to a unit manager from LaSalle Network, companies should be using the hiring process similar to the way colleges are recruiting athletes. Sell your company and the role versus having the candidate sell themselves. If they have a large skill set and years of experience, chances are you’re competing with a lot of other companies for this individual. Take a look at these 4 bad hire red flags you should be avoiding while recruiting.

Beyond the Big Bonus: Companies Offer Perks to Attract Top Talent

It’s no secret that companies need to get more creative with hiring practices to attract candidates. Companies are now increasing perks beyond salary and bonuses to keep their competitive edge. Some companies are even providing fitness plans, catered meals, and transportation allowances! Find out what other perks companies are including in this article.

Screaming Labor Shortage Forcing Firms to Get Creative to Fill Record Job Openings

Increasing overtime and moving part-time workers to full-time are some of the steps firms are taking to deal with the low unemployment rate. Benefits and competitive salaries also help! Some companies are targeting entry-level candidates who haven’t even graduated college yet, helping to guide them into becoming quality talent. Even technology is playing a role in filling job openings! Find out how in this article from Market Watch.

It’s a Good Time to Change Jobs – Here’s Why

If you are seeking higher pay or a change in jobs, the time to act is now! With low unemployment rate, companies are willing to pay and provide excellent benefits for a quality candidate. Find out if you should make the change by reading this interesting article.

Follow the advice from this week’s link roundup and you’’’ surely have the upper hand in attracting top talent in this current job market!