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This week we have some great advice from a variety of sources across the web. If you’re looking for some advice to assist your job search, we have it here! Resumes, interviews, and networking are just a few topics that are covered in today’s Link Roundup.

How to Write Resume Bullets That’ll Make the Hiring Manager Pay Attention

By now, you should know it’s important not to put paragraphs in your resume. Bullets are the method of choice for listing accomplishments, skills, and responsibilities. Hiring managers won’t typically take the time to read whole paragraphs, so bullets are the way to go. However, it’s important that the contents of those bullet points is eye catching and impressive. This in-depth breakdown from The Muse will guide you through the best way to make your bullets stand out, and get your resume the attention it deserves.

16 Interview Mistakes People Think Will Cost Them the Job – But Won’t

Have you been stressing out about an interview you think you bombed? If so, this link may put your  mind at ease. This list from Business Insider lists a few interview faux pas that are just myths. Also, if you’re in the process of preparing for an interview, reading this list may calm some of your fears, and lead to less worrying. It’s important to remember that the hiring managers and interviewers are human too, and understand that not everything can always go smoothly.

4 Simple Steps to Refresh Your Job Search for Spring

Looking for a few quick and simple ways to re-energize your job search? This helpful list from Emilie Aries over at Forbes magazine has some great ideas that are easy to execute. They also make a great way to break up the regular job search routine if it’s dragging you down. Since it can be tiring applying day in and day out, these options offer a break from the norm that could result in a payoff.

Which Jobs Are Getting Automated the Fastest?

We’ve been discussing the rise of automation quite a bit, and many articles have been covering it as well. Last week in our link roundup we featured a widget that will tell you how likely your job is to be automated. This week’s article offers an industry based breakdown on the percentage of skills changing. These changes represent a shift to more automated tasks, and are likely to affect processes that are easily repeatable, predictable, or numbers based.

Hitting the Schmooze Button: A Guide to Non-Phony Networking

Have you found that networking just isn’t for you? If so, it may not be the networking itself, just the way it’s being conducted. Most networking is shallow and fleeting, relying on only a few seconds or minutes to make an impression. This article focuses on more meaningful and genuine connections and how to build your network with them. If you want to network but hate ‘networking events’ this article just may hold your solution.

Alec Baldwin Offers Some of the Best Career Advice You’ll Ever Heard

While the title is certainly a bold claim, the information in the article is certainly valuable, and we’ll spoil it here. Baldwin makes note of the importance of likability in the hiring process by telling a story of his earlier days. We encourage you to check out the whole story, but if you just want the takeaway, don’t underestimate the importance of likability in an interview. You may be a perfectly qualified candidate for the job. However, subconsciously, people tend to hire others that they would like to work with. Keep that in mind when you’re sitting down with someone for an interview!

The Five Traits I Look For When Hiring

This article doesn’t point out likability like Baldwin from the last article, but all five traits discussed here are equally as valuable. Beyond likability, these five traits are ones that may put you out of the running if they aren’t present. Politeness is a great example. If you don’t treat the interviewer politely, they may decide not to give you their consideration or full attention. Filling an open position isn’t just about the qualifications, it’s also about the qualities of the employee to fill the role. Don’t forget to highlight your soft skills in an interview as well!