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We lead off this Link Roundup with Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2017, and follow it up by some great articles that can help you avoid common job search mistakes. We hope you find the links useful!

Best Places to Work: 2017 Employee’s Choice

As we near the end of 2016, Glassdoor has again collected data to determine the best places to work. The top spot went to Bain & Company, a consulting firm in Boston, MA. Some of the usual suspects make the list, but you may be surprised by some.

10 Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Their LinkedIn Profiles

Forbes has once again tapped their best of the best on their Coaches council to provide some advice. In this article, they describe some very common LinkedIn mistakes that can have a negative impact on your career. If you use LinkedIn, check out this list to make sure you’re avoiding these simple mistakes.

4 Things to Do to Revive a Stalled Job Search

Unless you’re extremely lucky, most job searches reach a point where they start to crawl. A job search is at it’s most challenging at this point. With no responses back, it can be hard to stay motivated. If you’re feeling like your job search is frozen in time, check out this list to start the thawing process.

Think Strategically About Your Career Development

Career Development can often take the backseat if you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed at work. All you want to do when you get home is relax. It’s good to kick back, but not at the cost of your career moving forward. These tips from the Harvard Business Review make pursuing your own career development a manageable task for anyone.

How Showing Humility Can Advance Your Career

This article’s proposed vehicle to career advancement is a great one: a mentor. Having a mentor with experience in your field is invaluable. They can provide you insight for what to expect down the road, and sometimes utilize their contact network for you. This Fortune article talks through the steps you should go through to before you take on a mentor, to make sure you’re prepared.

This Is the Stage in the Hiring Process When Job Seekers Have the Most Leverage

Spoilers- the stage is once they’ve made a job offer to you. At this point all the power is in your hands. The company has decided they want you for a position, and now you have the power to say yes or no. This is a great time to negotiate the salary that is on the table. Know your value, but don’t drive a hard bargain and scare the offer away.

Let’s Not Freak Out About the ‘Next Major Job Killer’ Just Yet

The Job Killer in question is Amazons newly proposed idea, Amazon Go, or as I like to call it, Amazon Go Out of the Store Without Paying. This new store concept would allow customers to leave a store with the goods they are interested in, and the amount owed would automatically be removed via their Amazon account. While cashiers may believe this is cause for concern, this article believes otherwise.

8 Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work

If you’ve ever felt stress at work, this is the link for you today! If you’re looking for some guidance in regards to ways to de-stress, this article has some great tips. Looking for the short version? Most points revolve around communication between you and your manager. The company benefits when you’re not stressed over work, so open a dialogue about it!

The 6 Deadly Sins of Networking

Whether or not you like networking, it is certainly something that can benefit your career. A significant amount of positions are filled from connections, versus online applications. If you want to tap into those types of jobs, learn how to properly network and avoid these social faux pas.