Two men discussing their careers.

Sitting down with a friend to talk about the latest movie or a great book is easy. The conversation flows from topic to topic, and time flies by. Why is it then, that conversations about our careers can be so difficult? Typically there is a lot on the line, and every second ticks by slowly. It’s easy to get stressed out or nervous, but keeping your cool is crucial. This week, we have some links that can help you with those conversation nerves, in addition to other helpful advice. Check out the links below!

LinkedIn CEO Shares The 2 Interview Questions He Always Asks Job Candidates

Jeff Weiner is the CEO of the professional networking site LinkedIn. Every day, millions of users utilize the site to make connections, build their profiles, and apply for jobs. It would make sense then, that any employees working for LinkedIn should know the ins and outs of professional networking and careers. In this article, Weiner shares the two interview questions he uses most often to determine if an employee is a good fit to work at LinkedIn.

Is Your Job About to Disappear?: QuickTake

We’ve been sharing many articles about automation in our recent Link Roundups since it has been rising in prevalence. More and more Americans each year are at risk of being phased out of the work force due to automation. In an effort to counteract the rising tide, we’re continuing to share valuable resources. In that light, this great piece from Bloomberg Businessweek discusses the statistics of automation. More importantly, however, it provides a bubble graph that shows which jobs are most and least at risk from automation. They’re also scaled by annual wage and number of employees. If you’re a visual person, this graph should help you realize the impact computerization will have on the workforce, and more specifically, your field.

15 Things You Need To Know About The New LinkedIn Interface

LinkedIn recently made some huge changes to their platform. The site now features updated visuals, streamlined navigation, and new features. However, some of the longtime features have gone to the grave. If you’re interested in finding out what those features are, check out this great article! Not only does it examine the cosmetic changes, it also looks at the functionalities that have changed with the new update. Some popular features were oddly left out, so if you want to find out what you may be missing on the new LinkedIn, check out this link to find out!

Asking to ‘Pick Someone’s Brain’ Won’t Get You Anywhere – Here’s What to Say Instead

Career decisions are tough, especially if you’re stuck pondering them alone. Having someone to discuss career changes and perspectives with is incredibly valuable. However, these types of people don’t always fall into your lap, sometimes you have to work to build that professional connection. If you think you may stumble with the introduction, this article is a great resource. You should definitely seek out another perspective when it comes to your career, just make sure you go about it in the right way. Reading this article will help get you on the right path!

What These Celebrities and CEOs Learned From Their Summer Jobs

When looking at successful people, it’s easy to assume they have been that way all of their life. However, most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs rose from humble beginnings. This article may help flesh out the narrative of some incredibly successful creators, CEOs, and authors. It provides a great perspective and should make you rethink some of your assumptions about these celebrities and CEOs. If it feels as if success is all too often out of reach, this article should provide some relief.

Four ‘Smart’ Career Moves That Actually Hurt You

You may think that staying after hours and volunteering for unpopular assignments is winning you points, but it may be doing the opposite. Focusing on the work aspect of your job is great, but not at the cost of other aspects of your employment. There is more at play than just deadlines and assignments. Oddly enough, focusing on workload alone could be bad for your career. Check out four career moves that should be reconsidered in this article from Forbes.

How to Master Tricky Conversations at Work

A previous link covered the best way to ask for advice in the workplace, but those aren’t the only conversations to be had. Salaries, raises, performance, and many other topics can wind up being discussed at work. Whether it’s with coworkers or a manager, it can be tough to have these conversations. If you’re wondering how to best prepare for these sit downs, check out this article.

3 Biggest Frustrations in a Job Search

Finally, we end with a few words of advice for frustrated job seekers. If you’ve become frustrated with your search for employment, you’re probably not the first to be upset at a specific problem. A few of the most common issues are the lack of time, not hearing back, and finding out that the hiring manager thinks you are over-qualified. If you’ve been frustrated with any of the aforementioned issues, this article should be able to shed some wisdom on those issues.

Navigating conversations in the workplace can be a challenge, and we hope some of the articles from this week make the task less daunting. If you’re looking for more advice, check back next week!