This week we once again have some great resources for job seekers and career veterans alike. Job seekers can learn proper search etiquette so they can stay on their game; as well as the magic of getting around resume filtering algorithms. For experienced employees, we can share some inspiration, motivation, and a few big no-nos to avoid at work. Read on to make sure you get the advice you need!

How to Snap Into Job-Search Mode on a Dime

This is a great first article for the week because it is has some beneficial general advice for anyone job searching. The article is also broken up into neat and tidy sections that can be read on their own. I was hoping to recommend a few sections to save you time, but they’re all incredibly useful. Do yourself a favor and at least skim them all!

Job Search Etiquette: 7 Tips for Success

Like the previous article, this write up from US News offers some great advice specific to your job hunt demeanor. Many candidates could be taking themselves out of the running simply by acting the wrong way. Make sure you’re not one of these people and give this article a quick read.

4 Tips to Get Around Resume Filtering

Resume filtering is the bane of most job hunter’s existence. It’s the one thing keeping you from landing an interview as a qualified candidate. It can be frustrating knowing the position would be a good fit, but not hearing back after applying. If this has happened to you, it’s probably because your resume was filtered out. This article has some good advice to help you get through to the next step in the hiring process. Follow a few of the tips mentioned and don’t have your next application axed by an algorithm.

U.S. Job Openings at Record High, Skills Mismatch Emerging

With our weekly link roundup and news updates we’ve had the good fortune to following job market trends. Only a few months ago, it seemed that the job openings would soon outpace the number of qualified candidates. Now, it seems that has come to pass. There are an extreme amount of job openings, but companies are struggling to find qualified candidates. This is a great time to be a qualified job searcher, because you likely have many options to choose from.

18 of the Best Personal Websites We’ve Ever Seen

If you’ve become tired of dealing with resume filtering, one of the alternatives is to build a personal site for yourself. These are especially effective for certain professions. If you work in computer software/science, coding your own website is a great way to showcase your resume and skills. For anyone in a visual profession such as graphic design, you can put your work on display extremely effectively. If you think it might be an idea worth considering, check out these great examples to draw inspiration.

7 Successful People Who Kicked Off Their Careers with Failure

We all have learned a lot from making mistakes, but it can be discouraging in a career. This list covers some extremely famous and successful personalities that have dealt with failure. Some names on the list will surprise, and you may be able to guess some. However, the fact remains that if they can overcome adversity the least you can do is try to follow in their footsteps.

25 Things You May Be Saying at Work That Can Ruin Your Career Forever

Every once in a while most people slip up and say something they shouldn’t. However, if you constantly say things that raise red flags for your employer, they may not be your employer for much longer. This list holds 25 things that shouldn’t be said at work, no matter the reason. Check over this list to make sure you’re not inadvertently shooting yourself in the foot by putting it in your mouth.

This Target Employee Has Discovered the Secret to Career Happiness

This week we end with the story of Tom Grennell, a Target employee who recently became internet famous when he posted his work journal. This journal chronicles his interactions day to day, and they’re all extremely light-hearted and entertaining. The big focus here is that Tom’s stories and anecdotes are things that would likely upset or frustrate other employees. However, Tom has a unique outlook to put a positive fun spin on things. This article discusses how you can get into a similar mindset. Framing things more positively will make the work day fly by!