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As seen in last week’s Link Roundup, the hiring process is constantly changing and evolving. This makes it easy for job search practices to get outdated, especially if you have been steadily employed at the same company. If you’re planning on starting a job search, you may need to update your methods. This week, we’ve gathered articles that make some great recommendations about job search tactics. Topics covered include job interviews, LinkedIn, general job search strategy, and more! Read on below to check out the links from this week.

11 Common Words and Phrases to Avoid Using in a Job Interview

If you’re not careful, just one wrong word could remove you from the candidate pool after a job interview. Certain words and phrases can completely shut down an interviewer’s interest. Many job candidates get so caught up in their answers, that they give no care to the words they are using. This article lists some words you should avoid, and it will get you thinking about how you respond in an interview. It’s good to be comfortable and confident during a job interview, but it should never seem like you’re having a conversation with your buddies.

Can’t Find a Job? Here’s Why Your Employability Strategy Isn’t Working

Is your job search not resulting in the opportunities you expected it to? You’re not alone. Many forces are affecting the job market, and causing the way hiring is done to change. Outsourcing and automation are a few of the forces mentioned here. This article makes some great suggestions about how you can reframe your search to start seeing results. Some are simply changes to your mindset, and others to your process. However many ideas you choose to use, there are some valuable suggestions here.

Landed a Last-Minute Job Interview? Avoid Asking These 7 Questions

Typically when you land a job interview, you have some valuable time to prepare. However, what do you do when they book your interview for the next day?  It can be tough to go in as prepared as usual, and ask the right questions. Fast Company has put together a list of 7 topics you shouldn’t ask about if your interview is last minute.

How to Find Your Dream Job Without Waiting for a Listing

One of the biggest changes you should make in your job search is waiting. Too many job seekers tell themselves they have to wait until the perfect job is posted, and it’s simply not true. Once you know the type of company you want to work for, and the type of work you want to do, you can begin to hunt for a job. Instead of waiting on the right postings, get in touch with your network, and make your search known. Taking this type of active role in searching will help you fill the time between the right postings. It also may wind up generating an opportunity itself! Check out the article for the full guide.

7 Common Interview Questions That Are Difficult to Answer – And How You Should Respond

While this may not be a habit that needs to be changed, you should be prepared. If you are aggressively applying, you will hopefully be sitting down for a few job interviews. Although every company is different, there are certain questions that tend to come up in most interviews. Knowing what those questions are, and how to answer them should be second nature, so you can focus on the company specific questions. Those questions will require you to think on your feet. Knowing how to easily answer the common questions will give you a better chance at knocking the other questions out of the park.

12 Things to Never Do During a Phone Interview

We’ve already included two articles that cover tactics for sit down interviews. However, phone interviews are more commonly used early on in the process. To even think about having a chance at an in person interview, you may need to pass a phone interview first. There are also certain considerations you need to make when it comes to phone interviews that you might not think of. Many of the same rules still apply. You still shouldn’t be late, and you should still prepare ahead of time. Check out the full article for a list of ‘don’ts’ when it comes to phone interviewing.

4 Signs You’re Trying Too Hard on LinkedIn

Properly utilizing LinkedIn requires a more thoughtful approach than most of the other social networks. As a professional network, it’s at it’s best when certain nuances and unspoken rules are respected. Despite this, many users on LinkedIn continue to use the platform in a way that is overly similar to how they use other platforms like Facebook. If you’re not sure if you’re approaching the networking tool with the right mindset, this article will make sure you’re on the right path.

Although your job search skills may be great, there is always room for improvement, and changes. We hope the links included this week have helped you realize some areas for improvement. Hopefully any changes will increase your chances of finding employment! We’ll be back next week with a link roundup centered on advice for those currently employed. So if that describes you, check back next Friday!