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In the business world, it is important to keep your emails concise, simple, and clear with no mistakes. This can seem like a heavy task with the average worker receiving up to 124 emails a day! It’s important to take your time and proofread before hitting send because a clear email will limit any sort of miscommunication and confusion. This prevents you and others from wasting time that shouldn’t need wasting. Find out more in this week’s link roundup below on how to communicate effectively in the digital world!

5 Things to Do Right Now So You’ll Never Miss an Important Email Again

Most individuals use email as a main source of communication when it comes to work and business. If you have tens to hundreds of emails flooding your inbox a day, it can be easy to miss an important message from someone. It also makes it more difficult to track down a past email for reference. Luckily, there are tons of ways to limit this from happening and can help your email inbox stay organized. Find out these tips and tricks by checking out this article from The Muse!

Avoiding Miscommunication in a Digital World

Nick Morgan, a communications expert, and speaking coach, breaks down the communication barriers that emails and texts create. “When we are bombarded with too many messages a day, he argues, humans are likely to fill in the gaps with negative information or assume the worst about the intent of a coworker’s email.” Find out how you can bring back clearer communication into the digital workplace by reading this article.

How to Write the Perfect Email, According to Experts

All emails are different. You need to set the tone differently depending on who your audience is and every email should feel personal. Someone will take notice if you’re sending a mass email. So how do you craft the perfect email, especially in the corporate world? You’ll need to read this Time article to find out!

Is Emailing ‘Just Checking In’ Really That Bad?

Is saying ‘just checking in’ over email seen as passive-aggressive? What would you use in replace of it? Will it get the message across just as clearly if you skirt around the phrase? Well, there is a lot of debate on this topic. Check out Lifehacker’s take on the situation. Maybe after reading this, you’ll keep using the phrase or maybe you’ll take it out of your vocabulary, who knows! It’s up to you.

Email Tips for Entry-Level Job Applicants

Email etiquette can seem a bit challenging as an entry-level individual. It definitely becomes easier over time, but it’s nice to have some guidance along the way. Aforementioned in the second link above, miscommunication is common over text or email way more often than face-to-face communication. It’s important to limit the confusion as much as possible with straightforward and easy to understand emails. Check out these tips that can help.

How Your Email Habits Might Be Making You a Worse Boss

As a manager, you’re certainly getting inundated with emails on a 24/7 basis. Of course, you’re going to want to be on top of them and not get behind. There are a lot of people you need to speak to and you obviously don’t want to upset anyone with a delay. BUT, it is important to step away sometimes. Find out why by reading this intelligent article from Fast Company.

After reading this week’s link roundup, you should be an emailing pro! You’ll be crafting professional emails and limiting any chance of a miscommunication in no time!