Man noticing mistakes on his resume at a desk.

Searching for a new job is certainly no walk in the park. It can be challenging, and it’s not uncommon for a few mistakes to be made. Unfortunately, the highly competitive nature of the job market means those mistakes could wind up costing you a job offer. Thankfully, many hiring managers and career specialists are aware of these mistakes, and want to help you avoid them. This week’s advice should keep you from making simple mistakes on your resume, in job interviews, and during your job search. 

4 Job Interview Mistakes Hiring Managers Will Eliminate You For, According to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, and has an impressive amount of data at it’s fingertips. Recently they polled hiring managers asking what the most damaging job interview mistakes they see are, and over 500 hiring managers responded. These mistakes should absolutely be avoided, as they are likely going to keep you from moving forward in the hiring process. If you have a job interview coming up, check out the list to prepare yourself and avoid any big missteps.

When Colleagues Won’t Stop Talking Politics

The political climate in the U.S. right now is fairly divisive, and this can make having civil political discussions challenging. If you find yourself constantly having to duck these conversations at work, you’re not alone. As noted in the article, a recent study discovered that many Americans are more stressed and less productive because of political discussions in the workplace. This article has some great suggestions that should help you deal with politics at work without getting caught up in it.

Recruiters Explain What The Worst Resumes Have In Common

Newton’s 3rd Law of the Job Searching: for every great resume, there is an opposite, and equally terrible resume. While that may not be a true law, there is certainly no shortage of weak resumes circulating. Make sure your resume isn’t one of them! This article from Fast Company points out some less obvious mistakes that are just as damaging as a few typos. Even if your grammar is immaculate, you should still check out this article, since some mistakes aren’t so obvious.

5 Steps to A Career Change

This link is a slight change of pace, but may hold some value for you if you’re looking to change your field of work. What makes this article great is that it includes a number of accounts of people who have actually changed careers. Instead of gross speculation and general advice, these people have seen it through and have wisdom they can backup with experience.

A Mistake That’s So Easy To Fix Is Guaranteed to Irritate Recruiters

This is a mistake that is simple to fix. However, it’s much easier to not make it in the first place. Social media is used by most of the population today, so it’s ignorant to assume a hiring manager wouldn’t check out your profile. Keep your profiles clean and professional. Unprofessional photos and statuses littered with texting lingo may haunt you if you don’t eliminate them from your profile. If you’re starting a job search, checking over your social media should be one of the first things you do.

Here Are 20 LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts From Digital Marketing Pros

The last place you should be posting unprofessional photos and statuses is LinkedIn. It’s a completely different monster from Facebook and Twitter, and should be treated as such. To help you navigate the professional network, AdWeek has curated advice from marketing professionals who know the platform like the back of their hand. Whether you’re getting started on LinkedIn, or if you just need a refreshers, this article should help.

CareerBuilder: Here Are the Most Outrageous Resume Mistakes

This final article from the Biz Journals should help you feel better about your own resume mistakes. CareerBuilder has compiled a list of the worst and in some cases the most outlandish resume mistakes. For example, one candidate’s resume included a photo of all of their pets. So these aren’t common resume mistakes, it’s more a hall of fame for the worst of the worst. If you need to feel better about your own, check out these outrageous mistakes.

It may be impossible to avoid a few mistakes here or there, but hopefully this week’s links help you avoid the hurtful ones! We hope you found some helpful advice, and encourage you to check back next week for a fresh batch of links!