This week we’ve got some great resources to share, and we’re starting off strong. Hubspot posted some of their favorite free resume templates, and LinkedIn posted a guide to help job seekers highlight their skills. These are only a few of the great links we’re excited to share this week, so keep reading to see them all!

15 Eye-Catching Resume Templates That Will Get You Noticed

If you’ve ever wanted to spice up a boring resume, this is the place to go! These amazingly creative templates were made by graphic designers for personal use.  However, they’ve decided to share them online for free! See if one looks good to you and consider updating your resume.

Start Networking with People Outside Your Industry

If you’ve been networking in the same circles, it might be time for a change. Although it may be comfortable to stay within your industry, comfort may not be the best for your career. Dorie Clark suggests you look outside your immediate industry circle to network better.

Expert Tips for Making Skills on Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

If you’re looking for a job and you’re not on LinkedIn already, you should be. LinkedIn is a great way to network and get your name out in the professional world. Recently, Linkedin has updated their skills and endorsements feature. In this article, LinkedIn makes some recommendations to ensure you’re getting the most out of your skills on your profile.

10 Things Every Hiring Manager is Looking For

It’s normal as a job seeker to wonder what is going through the mind of the hiring manager. In this blog, job search expert Liz Ryan shares her top 10 points on what hiring managers look for in a candidate. One of those points is, “Someone who can tell a few stories about having slain similar dragons to the dragons circling around this manager’s castle.” If that’s not enough to get you to click through and read, I can’t imagine what would.

How to Analyze Your Job Search From the Company Perspective

In a very similar vein to the previous link, this article also tries to look at a job search from a new perspective. While the previous focused on the hiring manager, this article examines multiple people behind the hiring process. Although you may think they’re similar, both articles offer unique advice.

Creating a Resume that Gets the Job Done

While you probably think you’re resume is complete after downloading the aforementioned resume templates, there is still some work to do. The Times Union spoke with 3 resume writing experts to get their perspectives on the resume creating process. While they do touch upon basics like grammar and spelling, the delve into more broad resume concepts that you may not think of yourself.

Working Strategies: Taking Your Job Search to the Streets

Today a typical application process involves shotgun blasting online job boards, and waiting to hear back. However, this wasn’t always how it was done. Years ago it wasn’t uncommon for job seekers to walk into business establishments with a resume. While it seems a thing of the past, there may be some merit to continuing this practice today.

3 Experts Who’ve Read Over 300,000 Resumes Share Their Biggest Pet Peeves

A previous link had resume experts talk about crafting a great resume. However, what points make up a bad one? These 3 experts share their biggest pet peeves to answer that question. Check out the article and also make sure you look back at your resume for places to improve.