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Whether you’re seeking a job or already employed, your personal brand should be strong and unique. Creating a personal brand limits the likeliness of being perceived in a way you don’t want to be. To learn a bit more about personal brands, how to create one, and how to reshape the one you currently have, check out this week’s round of helpful advice from some of our favorite sources!

The First Step to Building Your Personal Brand

Whether you’re job hunting, already employed, or a student, we have to manage our own reputation, especially online. With the rise of social media, companies are googling you before inviting you in for an interview and eyeing your social media. This gives them a taste of who you are before meeting you. If you exude negativity, you may lose out on an interview, job offer, etc… So if you are in need of creating a strong personal brand, where do you start? Find out the first step for success in this article from the Muse!

Twelve Often-Overlooked Ways to Build a Strong Personal Brand

Your personal brand also expresses your skills and expertise. It’s always important to be yourself and personal branding will come easily and more successfully. Check out the Forbes Coaches Council’s personal branding secrets and tips!

How to Avoid Personal Branding Blunders Online and Off

It’s important to express how you want to be perceived both online and in person. Both should be uniform! If you don’t have a personal brand, people may label you in a way you don’t want to be known or don’t agree with. Take control of your personal brand by avoiding these personal branding blunders!

Build Your Personal Brand to Achieve Professional Success

Similar to a business brand, a personal brand is what you will be recognized for. This includes a person’s mission, strengths, capabilities, talents, background, etc… If you build a strong personal brand, the more you will separate yourself from competition and remain memorable. Find out how to build and strengthen your personal brand here!

Is It Time for a New Personal Brand?

If your personal brand is outdated can that affect your chances of getting a job or meeting new people? It actually could! It’s important to stand out in a positive way and show that you are up to date on current industry trends and more. If you don’t know what’s going on, your personal reputation and brand may be negatively affected. Is it time for you to revamp your brand? Find out!

Are You Being Your Authentic Self?

When creating your personal brand online and off, it’s always important to be honest and real. It will only set you back if you create a persona that you are not. Being authentic will set you apart from others. Being a copycat is not the way to go! Build your personal brand knowing who you truly are, who you want to be, and how you want to be perceived. Never losing touch with who you are is key. Do some soul searching before branding!

If You’re over 50 and Want to Change Careers, You’ll Need to Do This 1 Thing Well

“Personal branding is how you market your business-of-one to the world. It’s the story of how you got to where you are today. Thus, in order to change careers, you need to re-write the story so employers can see how your experience, strengths, and passions will be just as effective (if not more so!), in your new desired career path.” Whether you’re heading back into the workforce post-retirement or are seeking a different career path, this article is for you!

How has personal branding strengthened your career? Do you believe having a strong personal brand has set you apart from your competition? Share your stories by commenting below!