staying positive at work

Happy FRIDAY! In this weeks link-round up, we’ve compiled a bunch of blogs about employee negativity, office drama and how to handle it all. You’ve probably dealt with it, been involved in it or wondered how to avoid it. We’ve got you covered.

The Causes of Employee Negativity

You’ve probably dealt with negativity before and were unsure how to defuse it, especially when it comes to your colleagues. Learning why and how negativity happens can help squash it. Check out these five causes of employee negativity, here.

How to Deal With the 5 Most Negative Types of Co-workers

There are various types of negative people, from the complainers to the drama starters to the gossipers. And although we can’t necessarily change the negativity, we can control how we react and prevent adding fuel to the fire. To find out the five types of negative people and how to deal with them, read here!

7 Ways to Overcome Office Negativity

“Whether it’s office politics, hostile relationships, or lack of trust, a negative work environment can lead to disengagement, lower retention rates, decreased productivity, and sheer misery all around. Everyone suffers when the atmosphere at work is negative–employees, leadership, and ultimately the company and its bottom line.” Keep reading to find out the seven ways to overcome negativity in the office!

How to Deal as a Manager When Someone on Your Team Is Super Negative

It’s one thing to experience a pessimistic coworker, it’s another when they report to you. The good news is when you’re the manager you have a different level of authority and can address these issues if need be. Check out how to handle a negative employee, here.

10 Ways to Cut Workplace Drama and Make Work Fun Again

Office negativity is the worst. Office drama is even WORSE than that. “Wakeman presents a convincing array of real examples that we have all seen, and offers the following reality principles for business leaders and professionals who want to turn this trend around in their environment”. Check them out!

 15 Ways To Stay Positive At Work

When ALL else fails, the one thing you do have control of the workplace is yourself. Allowing yourself to stay positive when there is drama, stress, negativity and the laundry list of energy-sucking behaviors surround you is crucial. So if you’re done reading about office drama and negativity, here are some actual helpful ways to stay positive at work.