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It’s the holiday season, and like it or not, that will impact your employment. If you’re in the workforce, you’re likely seeing fewer people in the office, and will also have to prepare for a large amount of work after an extended weekend. If you’re in the search for a job, you may think the holidays are a bad time to search. For anyone in that camp, you may want to read our last link! 

The Most Fulfilling Jobs and Places to Work in the U.S.

Do you ever feel as if you’re not getting the most out of your job? Maybe you’re not in the right profession, or the right location! LinkedIn carried out a Work Satisfaction Survey, and they’ve just released the results a few days ago. They also list out the top factors leading to fulfillment, which may be helpful to assess why you’re feeling unfulfilled at work.

Facebook and Google Invest More Deeply in Job Search

If you’ve grown tired of using the same job boards to apply again and again, there may be new options soon. Facebook has begun testing job postings on certain Facebook pages. This would allow for users to apply within Facebook instead of an external job board. Google has also been working on a new application program interface that would make it easier for searchers to find relevant job postings.

How to Use Your Office Holiday Party to Advance Your Career

We’re in full swing of the holiday season, which means many companies will have holiday parties. If you’re not one for fun, and tend to skip out, you may want to reconsider. This article from Fast company shares some ways in which you could use the party to grow your career.

3 Ways to Ace  Your Performance Review

The closing of 2016 means that many companies have annual reviews coming up. While there is no need to worry if you’ve been a hard worker, they can still be stressful. This blog from US News will help you impress in your performance review, and appropriately respond to feedback. If you have one coming up, definitely give this link a click.

4 Tips for Job Searching this Holiday Season

During the holiday season, you may think that company hires would come to a screeching halt. However, this isn’t always true. While candidate applications may die down, hiring managers are still looking to fill positions. The holidays may just be the best time for you to apply, and get attention while the competition isn’t there. This post from Sarah White covers how you should fine tune you job search for the holidays.

Job Seeker is Rebuffed for Negotiating

This story teaches a great lesson for anyone currently in the search for a job. It’s easy to get scared out of negotiating your job offer. However, it’s important to know your worth. This job seeker made all the right moves. She asked a job coach, did research on salary norms, and was still turned away. Salary negotiation will reveal the true colors of how much a company values their employees. Stay strong and know your value as a candidate, even if the company seems like a dream place to work.

The Best Way to Explain Your Job to Family Who Don’t Get It

Most of you have likely been in this situation. You’re at a family function. A relative asks about your job and what you do. You spend the next minute wondering how to explain it to them. If this sounds familiar, I’d recommend taking a look at this article. It can help you ease some of that tension, and easily provide an explanation about what exactly it is you do.

The Skills You Should Highlight When You’re Underqualified for a Job

Despite how badly you may want to be, there are some jobs you just aren’t qualified for. However, what if you really think you could work well in the position, despite your lack of experience? Don’t give up just yet. If you leverage the right skills, you may be considered. Check out this great article for the full breakdown.