Recent reports are showing that November was another great month for job growth, and unemployment is currently at an all time low. With so few candidates looking for jobs, many employers are struggling to find the right candidates for their open positions. While the market may favor candidates, you should still be vigilant about marketing yourself in the best way possible. This week’s links describe the current state of the job market, and also hold some advice for prospective job seekers and career professionals.

U.S. Jobless Claims Decline For Third Straight Week

It seems the U.S. labor market is doing quite well, as the number of citizens filing for unemployment continues to fall. Additionally, the unemployment rate is at an incredible low of 4.1%, which many economists consider to be full employment. The strong employment numbers will likely lead the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates. The article also delves into layoffs, and overall it provides a great look at the state of the market.

This Is the Most Commonly Misspelled Word on Job Resumes

If you had to guess what the most misspelled word on resumes was, what would you think? ‘Experience’? ‘they’re vs. their’? It’s hard to guess at what the most commonly misspelled word would be, but you are probably not too far off. This article explains a number of common mistakes that you should avoid on your resume. If you’re worried about other possible misspellings on your resume, check out this blog from Workopolis as well.

How to Prepare for a Big Career Change

Are you certain that you want to get out of your current career, even if you don’t have an exit strategy? That’s okay, and there is plenty of advice for anyone in that situation. Some of the most successful business owners and CEOs have shifted fields late in their career before hitting their stride. This article cites real life experiences of workers who have made changes in their careers. It’s good to read advice about making a career change, but sometimes hearing the stories of others is more helpful.

2018 Best Places to Work – Glassdoor

The New Year is almost here, and that means that Glassdoor has released a new list of the best places to work. Topping the list this year is the regular suspects like Facebook, Google, and Southwest, joined by some companies who have gained traction in the past few years such as In-N-Out Burger, lululemon, and Ultimate Software. It’s always interesting reading the full list, and Glassdoor also shows what awards the companies have won in the past. Definitely worth checking out!

9 Puzzling Interview Questions That Seem to Have Nothing to Do With the Job

Have you ever been asked a question in a job interview that caught you completely off guard? Many CEOs and founders like to ask strange questions of their job candidates to illicit a more genuine response. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and others share a few of their favorite oddball job interview questions here, and they’re very entertaining! While you may not think you’d have to talk about the zombie apocalypse in your next job interview, you just might!

LinkedIn Report Shows a 26% Rise in November Hiring

Hiring on LinkedIn is trending 26% than last year based on LinkedIn’s numbers, which is a huge increase! The article shows a comparative scale between this year and last year, and that in and of itself is interesting. You can clearly see a similar monthly trend between years, as both highlight the holiday slowdown in hiring. If you read the full article, it also goes in depth and discusses which industry saw the most hiring growth this year.

Four Clever Ways to Grab Recruiters’ Attention During the Holidays

If you saw the chart on the last article, it’s obvious that hiring takes quite a nosedive during the holiday season. November and December have remarkably low rates of hiring, due to the holidays. Employees are working less and taking time off, and job seekers pause their job search to enjoy time with friends and family. However, it’s still a viable time to apply, and it’s worthwhile to keep your search alive. These unique approaches should certainly get the attention of some recruiters.

All signs point to the job market being strong going into the new year. Although hiring may be temporarily slowed due to the holidays and annual closings, we will likely see an upswing after the new year begins. We hope this week’s Link Roundup gave you an informative glimpse into the current state of the job market, along with some valuable advice!