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Happy Friday! This week we have some great advice on the future of careers. One article compares the online profile and the printed resume, and another looks at careers that are ‘future proof’. The job market has never stayed the same, and it is evolving at an incredibly fast pace today. How you find a job today is vastly different from the way it was done only 10 years ago. Understanding how the future of careers will shift could be valuable knowledge for the future, and we’re here to help! Check out the links below to begin.

What to Do When Entry-Level Positions Need “Two Years of Experience”

We start this Link Roundup with a great article for recent graduates, (of which there are many right now) or anyone making a career change. This article discusses one of the biggest frustrations of young job seekers: entry levels that require experience. Many jobs that are ‘entry level’ typically have listed ‘1 or 2 years of experience’. When entry level jobs require experience, it can be fairly challenging to get your career started. This article offers a well balanced and realistic approach to applying for these types of positions. Definitely a valuable read for anyone who has come across the entry level experience confusion!

The Printed Resume vs. The Online Profile: Why You Still Need Both

For a number of years, career specialists and guides have discussed the possibility of the resume dying out. While it has been a staple of the job search for a while, online profiles like LinkedIn have also become a mainstay. This led many career experts to predict that the traditional resume would die out soon, but as you likely know, it’s still a crucial aspect of the application process. The printed resume is not going down without a fight! For a few reasons, it’s currently preferable to have both. If you currently only have one or the other, the article makes a strong case that may convince you to branch out.

Only Half of Job Seekers Negotiate, But Those Who Do Usually Succeed

Frustrations regarding salary aren’t uncommon when job searching. Many candidates feel low balled and underappreciated when they receive their offer letter. One of the reasons for this however, is that they failed to negotiate. While it can be a scary thing to do, many times employers are receptive and open to negotiating if it’s brought up. This isn’t always true, but you’d be surprised by how many companies will hear it out. This article breaks down salary negotiation, and how it is influenced by region, gender, and salary level. It’s all valuable information, especially if you’re going to be in the hot seat soon.

9 ‘Future Proof’ Careers, According to the World’s Largest Job Site

Indeed recently conducted a study on which generation’s job security is most threatened by automation. The study found that millennials are currently moving into more ‘future proof’ careers. These jobs are ones that aren’t easily automated and typically involve un-repetitive tasks such as managing or critical thinking. More on that disparity between generational workers can be found on the page with the main study here. With this new data from Indeed, Business Insider has compiled a list of jobs that are least likely to be phased out by automation, which is certainly worth a look!

Three Times You’re Unintentionally Annoying Your  Hiring Manager

Job hunting can make for stressful times, especially if your financial situation isn’t ideal. In an ideal world, you would get feedback on your resume by the next day, and you would find out in clear terms why or why not you were offered the job. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. This may drive you to follow up constantly with your hiring manager. While you may think it’s helping you get feedback quickly, it could also be making that feedback worse. It’s not likely intentional, but there could be some things you are doing that are annoying your hiring manager- and hurting your chances. If you’re worried this may be you, check out the article to confirm or deny that thought.

Quantity Is Good But Quality is King in Networking

This article echos the thoughts of some our past link roundups, but it’s still a great idea to reinforce. Typically, professionals get caught up in the ‘numbers game’ when networking. It’s easy to focus on tallying your number of business cards acquired, but it could be hurting the quality of your connections. In terms of actually furthering your career, it’s typically the quality of the connections, not the quantity, that makes the difference.

5 Common Reasons People Get Fired (And How to Easily Avoid Them)

Although we’d never wish it on anyone, the truth is that people do get fired from their jobs everyday. Although the reasons may be different, the outcome is the same: they’re out of a job. This means starting a new job search, and also trying to figure out how to address being termination with any potential employers. It’s a tough scenario to be in, and hopefully you can avoid it by reading this list. The reasons may seem obvious, but for many employees their true first wake up call to their bad behavior is being terminated.

We hope you found something valuable in the links from this week! Trying to determine what the future of your career may hold isn’t easy, but it’s usually valuable to ponder it. For now, enjoy the weekend!