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Welcome back to another Link Roundup! This week the links shared cover most aspects of the hiring process, and there is also some advice on how to be an all star employee. If you need help with salary negotiations, or if you’ve been wondering why your career plan isn’t working, we have the links for you!

The Best Job Sites

The good folks at have taken the liberty of cross examining job sites to determine which are the best. They carried out rather extensive research for some time before settling on the winners across a few categories. The review describes not only which platform was the best, but also how it was measured. If you’re interested to see what sites ranked best between Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, Linked, and others, click through to find out!

24 Unprofessional Habits That Could Cost You a Job

This list is extremely comprehensive, and it covers most deal-breakers that can happen throughout the process. Usually candidates fixate so much on preparing for the questions, they forget about everything else. An interview is much more than just answering a few questions. It’s all about demeanor, tone, conversation, interaction, and impressions. Reading this list will make you aware of a few big mistakes you may not realize you’re already making when you go on a job interview.

3 Gs – Goals, Grit, and Gratitude- A Simple Model to Predict Success in Life and at Work

This blog breaks down the science of success into three key categories: goals, grit, and success. It’s a great reminder that we all sometimes need a wake up call to get ourselves on the path to success. It’s a path that is traveled by many, but far too many wander off before they reach the end. Staying on track for success requires a unique combination of perseverance and strength. If you’ve struggled with being successful in your own life, this blog just may be enough to re-energize you!

How to Use LinkedIn Like the Best Job Seekers

LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable resource to any job seeker. We’ve posted multiple articles about it in the past, because of the immense value it offers. If you don’t have an account on the website, we highly recommend it! It’s a great way to network with professionals, and maybe even find new work opportunities. Many professionals have LinkedIn profiles, but not many know how to truly realize it’s full potential. Read this article from Huffington Post, and you’ll be LinkingIn like the pros.

9 Things to Never Say in a Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiations are always interesting conversations on both sides of the table. You know what you’re worth and what you want, and your employer knows what they think and what’s in the budget. They want to pay you appropriately but not break the bank, and you want a salary equal to your skills and qualifications. These discussions can be tense, and wording a sentence one way can be misinterpreted very easily. Glassdoor has put together a great guide to making sure you don’t make any verbal slip-ups. Definitely check out this blog if you’re nearing a salary discussion.

How Strong and Weak Ties Help You Find a Job

There have been cases of social media and search giants using data for good and bad, and this is an example of the former. Facebook harnessed data from their site to determine what kind of link helps someone find a job. For example, if an acquaintance and a good friend both knew you were looking for employment, which one would be more likely to help you find a job? This is the question they are seeking to answer. We won’t spoil who pulled ahead in the research, so you’ll just have to read it for yourself!

Your Blueprint for Career Advancement Needs Updating

The Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger starts off this article by noting how significant career changes typically come about due to negative experiences. This is the unfortunate truth for most professionals. Only negative forces motivate us to focus on our career path. Planning for your career is definitely something that should be happening constantly. Focusing on it will find you a better salary and a job that is more rewarding in terms of satisfaction and compensation.

Disrupting the Hiring Process

Do you ever feel as if you apply, apply, apply, and never hear back from any companies? If so, this study from may provide an informed explanation. It seems that there is a discrepancy between what hiring managers are expecting in terms of experience, and what they should be looking for. Although there are fantastic qualified candidates looking for jobs, this study suggests that the hiring party is more interested in experience than job fit. So if you’ve ever felt like there is a conspiracy against you getting hired, this is a more likely explanation. Click through this link to read more in depth on the study and it’s findings.

That’s it for this week! We hope you found some value to the links shared. If you found any great advice, or disagree with any of the sentiments in the articles, let us know! We love a good conversation and would be happy to discuss best practices in both dealing with the hiring process, and being successful once hired. We’ll see you next week with more links!