In this week’s link roundup, we have some great advice for job searchers and employers alike. Those of the latter group, I’d recommend skipping to the last two articles. However, they all have great information! If you’re considering a career change, we can also help you to figure out how and why you should. Finally, if you’re looking for something purely entertaining, check out the article detailing how some candidates tried to get noticed for hire.

Job Seeker to Employer: Well? I Don’t Have All Day

This article offers some good news for job seekers, and may worry some companies who are looking for new hires. With the unemployment rate so low, there aren’t as many workers available. This has left hiring managers with less candidates to choose from. Since candidates are so scarce, hiring managers may lose qualified applicants to the competition if they don’t act quickly. This means many companies are changing how they do interviews to make it a faster and more efficient process.

8 Tips That Can Help You Find a Job

This article not only has some fantastic job search advice, it also starts out with a real life story of the author’s own struggle to land a permanent position. All of the advice given truly comes from the heart since the author has struggled with finding a job in the past. A great read with some quality advice.

Wacky Things Job Candidates Do to Get Noticed

As mentioned above, this article is more entertaining than practical, although it does offers some real advice to get noticed. If you’re already in a position and want your hard work to get recognized, we did a blog on that previously which can be found here. If you’re really hoping to get hired, we don’t recommend sending a pair of embroidered socks along with a note saying how you’ll ‘knock the company’s socks off’. We would recommend a simply thank you note, but if you’re interested in more zany attempts definitely check out the article.

5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer During the Interview

If you’re an active reader of our blog, we would hope you know to always have questions prepared for the interviewer. If you’re looking for a few more to add to your repertoire, this US News article has some great suggestions. Asking these questions will provide some valuable information as a potential candidate.

What Hiring Managers Discuss After You Leave the Room

Anyone who has ever sat in an interview has thought about it. What did they think? Did I impress them? Are they making fun of my tie? Was that a good answer? Well, if you’re looking for some insight into what actually may be talked about, look no further. This article provides a good guess of what could be discussed. It also lets you know what is on the mind of interviewers, so it would make a good read for anyone heading into an interview soon.

14 Signs You’re in the Wrong Job

While Garfield doesn’t have a good reason to hate Mondays, you might. If you’ve ever felt like the job you’re currently in may not be the right fit, this article can confirm it. The biggest takeaway is that you should try and always be in a job that excites and challenges you. If you’re unable to do that, try and shake things up. If that has no effect, consider a strategic exit.

You’re Making Big Career Changes Harder on Yourself Than They Need to Be

Making a career change is a big moment, and it’s common to be nervous. However, make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself and complicating the process even further. Reading this article will help to calm your nerves as it suggests some ways to focus and make it work.

4 Employee Handbook Myths Debunked

These last two articles are more geared towards employers, starting with this article which debunks some myths about having a handbook. The article starts with myth #1, that handbooks are simply a dry formality. This is far from the truth, and a handbook can surprisingly do a lot to shape employee expectations at your organization. Read the other three to make sure you have a good understanding of what the handbook is all about.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Collaborative Hiring Process

There has been a struggle over the last few years over whether one on one or group interview procedures are more effective. William Vanderbloemen writes this articles having sat both alone and in a group at the opposite end of the table. After years interviewing, he finds collaborative hiring to be the best for the candidate and the company. Definitely check out his thoughts if you’re investigating your own hiring processes.

That’s it for this week! We hope you enjoyed the links, and as always we’ll be back again next week with another fresh batch.