Employers have noticed that not only is the workforce changing, but the aspects that are important to their employees, are changing as well. And therefore, in order to stay competitive, they need to get creative. Options like working from home and flexible hours are no longer considered “perks”.  Companies will have to separate themselves to entice employees to want to choose their company over another. Here are the ways how employee benefits are changing, and how it benefits you. Check it out.

3 Ways Employee Benefits Will Change in the Next 5 Years

“Smart organizations are turning to technology to reduce costs and deliver better benefits that lead to happier and more productive employees”. Non-traditional benefits not only benefit an employee but by offering unique options – it will benefit the company as well. Such as “individual customization” which is explained to follow more closely to an individual’s “unique lifestyle and choices”. Click to read more!

The Changing Landscape of Workplace Benefits

According to a survey done by MetLife’s Employee Benefit Trends Study, 30% of employees would prefer better benefits over a higher salary.  What kind of benefits would they prefer? Check out the “emerging benefits” that companies are now offering, here.

Future Employee Benefit Programs Shifting for Many Retirees

We’re understanding more about how the change in benefits is affecting potential and current employees, but how are they affecting retirees? Benefits such as, “pre-Medicare” options are being considered and offered now. Check it out.

3 Benefits Changes That Will Boost Employee Engagement

Curious to find out which unique benefits, are benefiting the company simultaneously? “Fortunately, “rethinking” these employee benefits don’t always mean spending more, just thinking differently”. Find out here!