woman being mentored

Mentoring can offer life and career changing opportunities for both the mentor and the mentee. A mentor is the voice of reason and helps you get to where you need to go without handing it to you. No matter the career point difference or age, a mentor and a mentee can learn a lot from each other. This relationship is a two-way exchange. Find out more about the benefits of mentoring below!

9 Tips for Finding – and Getting – the Perfect Mentor

There is a lot of advice on asking a mentor for guidance and how to keep your relationship beneficial for both parties involved. But, how do you go about finding the mentor that is right for you? Once you find someone, how do you ask them? The Muse includes 9 great resources full of advice that can help you find the mentor that is best for you. There is no doubt someone will cross your mind while reading these articles!

5 Secrets to Getting a Mentor Relationship Right

Instead of seeking out the perfect mentor, maybe you should create your own! Draft an ideal image of who you would want your mentor to be. For example, what field, position, and personalities would you want your mentor to have? A mentor shouldn’t just be anyone, it should be someone that can truly help you excel and provide the right resources and advice to help you succeed. Typically this person is in your industry of preference. Once you find that person, how do you make the relationship last? Find out here!

5 Ways a Mentor Can Help You Get a Promotion

Mentors aren’t there to get you a job or a promotion but are there to guide you there. Typically mentors have been through the stepping stones you’re currently taking and can provide you with insight, skills, and introduce you to the right people. Glassdoor provides 5 ways a mentor can help excel your career and help you land the job of your dreams!

NextGen Voices: Quality Mentoring

Mentors are great encouragement and an excellent voice of wisdom for an entry-level professional. In this article, a group of young scientists describe one quality of their mentor that inspired them. We hope this link gives you the inspiration to either choose a mentor or start mentoring, yourself!

How Teachers and Employers can Collaborate to Prep the Workforce of the Future

Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in society and the job market! This article mentions that only roughly 10% of teachers feel confident teaching with high-level technology. What could this mean for employers and the students walking out of these classrooms? Well, you’ll have to find out by reading this article! Mentoring comes in many shapes and forms.

Compensating the Workforce Strategy

How do companies excel in the workforce as technology rises and the unemployment rate drops? There are many ways and reasons! For one, this article mentions providing learning and development opportunities. Learning shouldn’t stop once you walk out of the classroom. The only way to excel in your career is to learn and gain more skills! Maybe mentorship programs and conferences will be opportunities available at companies to help their employee’s gain a fresh perspective! Find out more here.

We hope this week’s round of advice inspires you to seek out a mentor to help excel your career or inspires you to become one. Teaching others and seeing them grow is such a rewarding experience. It’s also a learning experience in itself!