Building relationships at networking events, and in the workplace is crucial. Whether you are meeting potential clients or allies, you want to ensure you leave a great impression – and that starts with a great conversation. But what happens when your conversations start to become awkward? How do you redirect and save the conversation? Find out below.

Networking 101: What Not to Say (and Definitely Avoid)

You’re stepping out of your comfort zone and you’re attending a networking event. Maybe this is your first one with the company you work for, or maybe your first event ever.  “You may have a future job opportunity or business deal at stake. That being the case, it’s important to avoid bringing up anything that may give the person you’re speaking to a reason to pause and reconsider working with you”. Find out what *not* to say, here.

9 Magic Phrases That Can Save Awkward Conversations

If you’re in an awkward conversation at work or networking event and you find yourself wanting to get out of the conversation – you’ll want a few quick phrases that don’t take much thought but quickly deter the convo.  Things like “Can I get your advice on something?” or even “I won’t keep you any longer” are good phrases to start with. Check out the additional helpful phrases, here.

These 8 Simple Phrases Can Help You Avoid Awkward Political Conversations at Work

You’re at a networking event, and someone starts to talk about politics. Maybe you’re in the conversation with a group of people, some sharing the same viewpoint and some that share a completely different view. But the conversation feels as though it’s starting to go sour, so you want to change the subject somehow. Here are some phrases specific for changing awkward politic convos.

How to Gracefully Change the Subject

When at a networking event, starting new conversations can come with all sorts of emotions. Whether you are extroverted, or on the more shy side – new conversations can bring feelings of intrigue, excitement, nervousness, and sometimes awkwardness. What do you do when a conversation starts taking a turn down a topic that starts to get uncomfortable? Here are some tips on what to avoid and change the subject.


How do you get yourself out of an awkward conversation at a networking event?