healthy at work

If you have a full-time job you know that a good portion of your day is spent commuting and being at work. Generally, 8-10 hours to be exact (and sometimes more). Therefore being aware of your health and taking care of yourself can end up last on your priority list. However, we may be overcomplicating it. Check out how to be healthy with a full-time job and more, below!

How to Get Back into a Healthy Work Routine After the Holidays

The aftereffect of post-holiday vacation can be a HUGE adjustment. We’ve discussed how to get back into the swing of things post-holiday, but if you’re curious about getting back to a HEALTHY routine post-holiday check out these tips, here!

Why Is Packing A Healthy Lunch For Work So Hard? We Asked The Pros To Solve All Your Problems

Getting take out while at work is the norm. However ordering out not only hurts your wallet, but it also hurts your gut. Bringing your lunch to work has so many benefits, yet so few people actually do it. Or try to. To get dieticians and doctors’ advice on simplifying bringing lunch to work, including Ayurveda inspired meals read more, here!

Employees Want Incentives to Get Healthy

The benefits of practicing healthy habits are beneficial to the employee but also to the company. Employees are now inquiring about companies and their health benefit programs and even letting it affect their decision to WORK there! Check out some of the holistic/work statistics here!

19 Crazy Easy Ways You Can Be Healthier in the Office

Want a quick simple checklist that you can read off and apply to your life instantly? Check out these 19 easy ways to be healthier in the office including smart computer habits, office workout traditions and utilizing personal time!

The Surprising Business Trend That Could Make You A Better Leader

There are various practices leaders adopt while trying to improve both personally and in their craft. However, a lot of leaders are deterring from the “workaholic” mode to a more conscious and healthy lifestyle by focusing on mindfulness and stress relieving habits. Check out these technique, here!

Working from Home? Here Are 5 Tips to Create a Healthy and Productive Environment

If you work a full-time job from home, there are numerous ways to incorporate healthy habits. Surprisingly it requires MORE effort because you typically don’t have an official “end time” but there are a few quick and easy habits you can adopt to help you. Check them out, here!