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Leading a team is a big responsibility and can be nerve-racking when you’ve never assumed a leadership role before. Even if you are comfortable managing, delegating, and working alongside a team, there are always opportunities to enhance those skills. This week’s roundup includes tips, current trends, and helpful information to help you become a better leader!

The One Skill That Helps You Get Ahead Regardless of Your Degree

Deciding to continue your education and pursue an MBA can be a tough decision. What’s more important an excelled degree or experience and skillset? It’s debatable and depends on what jobs you may be applying for. However, CNBC thinks that being an avid learner is the best asset you can have. An avid learner makes the great leaders that are out there today. Find out the importance of continuous learning by checking out this interesting read!

How to Develop Your Leadership Skills

Whether you believe that individuals are born leaders or you can learn to become one, an effective manager requires a vast range of skills. Business Matters dives into some of the most important and valuable skills a leader can have to make a difference in the workplace. Obtaining these skills may take time and experience, but will certainly help you excel in your career.

The 5 Levels of Leadership

Sometimes employees don’t like their managers so much that they quit their job, even if they liked the company and their co-workers. This is an extremely unfortunate case. These managers typically fall into 5 categories that Quartz at Work has provided in this article. Find out if you fall into one of these categories and how you can improve. On the flip side, watch what kind of personalities you should be looking out for in a not-so-great leader.

4 Things We Believe About Leadership That Aren’t Really True

Surprisingly there are many common myths that people believe about leaders and leadership. In the end, leadership has to be earned and it’s learned over time. The Muse breaks down the common myths for you to read to make sure that you aren’t building your own leadership by any of them!

5 Ways to Become An Independent Thinker and Show Your Leadership

Being an independent thinker isn’t easy when other people are voicing their opinions around you. It’s easy to become influenced by someone else’s thoughts. Saying something different from the majority to remain true to yourself is highly courageous. Read this Forbes article for 5 tips on becoming an independent thinker and how it can improve your leadership abilities.

You Can Learn a Lot About Leadership from People Much Younger Than You Would Think

I bet you never thought you would be reading an article about children’s influence on leadership in the workplace! A child has unfiltered and brutally honest thoughts and it takes a while for them to develop the learning norms that we have as adults. Jeff Boss from the Entrepreneur provides 3 interesting leadership insights that he has learned from the children in his life.

How You Can Improve Your Leadership Development Program – According to Millennials

According to a Harvard Business Publishing report, many millennials believe the leadership development programs in their companies leave a lot to be desired. There seems to be a lack of relevance to them. So how do employers improve them and make sure they are providing their employees with the resources they need? Find out how in this article from Benefits Pro!

30 Simple Leadership Strategies That Could Quite Possibly Stop Employees from Quitting

Inc. has provided 30 tips on becoming a better leader in the eyes of your employees! 30 sounds like a lot to improve on, but little by little you will see the difference following these strategies will make. Following these tips could potentially create a more motivated workplace, increase employee retention, and create a better space for open communication.

We hope these blogs help improve your leadership strategies and help you find the type of leader you would like to become or work for. Leading is not an easy task, but these tips will surely help lessen the fear and stress leading for the first time may endure.