One of the best ways to build further relationships with your clients or customers is by providing value consistently. That’s why email newsletters are vital. They’re a passive way to bring value and stay relevant. So for today’s link roundup, we’re sharing how to create a newsletter that is worth the read.

How to Write a Newsletter

Before we get into how to make a successful newsletter, we must first start with the basics. And that includes how to write one – bare bones. What to include, from who you’re sending the email “from”, to the subject line. Check it out.

10 Tips for Writing Compelling Email Newsletter

Aside from having a good click rate, and good subject line – you want the rest of the newsletter to contain information that is of value to its readers. If you overpromise with the subject line and have little to no useful information – your readers will closeout, or worse unsubscribe.

How to Create an Email Newsletter that Will Impress Your Boss

If you’re the one in charge of the newsletter at your current company, this one is for you. Covering more basics, different types, and even examples – here are some extremely catchy and impressive newsletters to consider and take note on before you begin to create yours.

7 Tips for Creating More Engaging Newsletters

“Think about a recent email newsletter you actually read all the way through. What made you read it?” If you’re already sending out a newsletter, but you want to dive more into making them more successful and engaging – here are 7 tips to do just that.

11 Email Newsletter Design Tips to Boost Clicks and Engagement

And lastly, going along with the previous point- here are few more engagement tips, and you guessed it – your subscribers have to want to “click” on the email first.


What encourages you to click on an email? Comment below!


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