Whether you are looking to relocate, change companies, change industries or try something new – leaving a job is all part of the process. But it can feel super stressful if you don’t have a game plan on how to do it the right way. Find out a whole slew of scenarios and how to properly resign from your job,  in this weeks link roundup below!

A Graceful Exit — Before You Say ‘I Quit’

“Don’t think of this job as your old job, but as your newest reference”. The last days leading up to your departure are going to be remembered. So, make sure you’re doing it properly.

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Quitting Your Job? 10 Tips to Leave Without Drama

One reason people feel conflicted on leaving a position is that they don’t want to cause any animosity or awkwardness. So here are 10 steps to take when you want to tell your boss you’re leaving. Check them out.

Peace Out: How to Leave a Job on Great Terms

You can never get enough feedback and tips on how to leave your job on good terms. So here’s another set of tips to help you out.

How to Resign from A Job You Just Started

Leaving a job is one thing, leaving a job you just started – is a whole ‘nother level of stress. Whether not what you expected, or just not for you-you want to be able to exit gracefully without burning any bridges. Find out how to leave a position that you just took, here.

How to Resign from Your Job

For all of the other scenarios that have not yet been mentioned, check out this blog that gives you all the different situations and how to resign, here.


What’s one way you successfully left a position on good terms? Comment below!