being broke

Not loving what you do and being broke, is… normal. We work ourselves to the bone in a job that drains us, we don’t make enough money, and the money we do make we don’t know how to manage. The good news is, there are ways to change it. We’ve compiled a list of money management, budgeting, self-care and maintaining a positive mindset throughout it all! Check it out in this weeks link round-up, below!

78% Of Workers Live Paycheck To Paycheck

Did you know?! Almost 8/10 people are living paycheck to paycheck. EIGHT out of ten. If you’re one of those eight, know you’re not the only one. This way of living is more common than you think. But it’s also preventable. Check out some of the causes of living paycheck to paycheck and some strategies to change that, here.

If You Don’t Want to Be Broke Anymore, Do This

One day you’re minding our own business and the next you have student loan debt, car debt, credit card debt and not a penny of ACTUAL money to your name. Just READING that gives you the sense of overwhelm, huh? Don’t worry, it is POSSIBLE to break the habit of being a “normal person” in “normal debt”, and get yourself out of it with a few tweaks. But you have to be ready to make them. Read on.

How to Stay Motivated When You’re Not Getting a Raise

Mustering up the courage to address getting a raise at your annual review, takes a LOT. But what do you do when you have all the points and reasons to back up why you should get a raise and then the company tells you they cannot afford to do so? Staying positive and motivated is key. Check out some of these tips on how to stay motivated post-raise rejection, here!

Up or Out? When to Leave If You’re Not Getting Promoted

“How can you be sure whether to stay at your job if you’re unsure whether a promotion will ever come? Here are some tips on making that decision and what to do in the meantime”. Check them out!

5 Things You Need to Ditch to Create the Life You Desire

The best way to fully and truly enjoy your life is by first removing anything that is weighing you down. From negative thoughts, surroundings, people, and situations, you must take inventory first and see where your energy is going. To learn specifics on how to remove the clutter and live a life you LOVE, check them out, here!

5 Habits to Help You Feel More in Control of Your Life (Which Is a Great Feeling)

How OFTEN do you feel like you SHOULD be doing something? Whether someone else is telling you “you should”, you’re telling yourself you should, or you’re reading something that other people are doing and you feel like you SHOULD be too. Next time you think of something you “should be” doing, ask yourself if it’s something you WANT to be doing? Check out some of these habits to help you decide, here.

How to Create a Realistic Self-Care Checklist You’ll Actually Stick To

Although the term “self-care” gets a poke-fun-at rap, practicing self-care is MORE important than you think. There are a million ways to do it and a million things you can focus on. But getting into a routine of self-care is key. To find out how to create a self-care routine that you will STICK to, check it out here!