A micromanager is an act of being overbearing and taking unsolicited control of someone, their task or their work. In the workplace, it can often hinder one’s ability to effectively do their job. Whether you are micromanaging or dealing with a micromanaging coworker – it doesn’t make for a productive and positive work environment. There are also other behaviors to avoid in the workplace, too. We’ve compiled them all in this week’s link roundup. Find out below.

8 Tips for Dealing with A Know-It-All Coworker

You’ve probably been there; you have a coworker who can be a little on the… overbearing side and you’re starting to feel a tad bit – stressed.  Maybe the advice or assistance can feel overwhelming and you don’t know what to do about it. But there are a few easy ways to handle the behavior. Check it out.

How to Deal with a Bossy Coworker

Relating to the previous article by Forbes, this one leads us into another type of coworker – the micromanaging bossy type. The tips to handle the behavior are similar but this is a great read to benefit from if you or “someone you know” works with a micro-manager.

The 5 Toxic Coworkers We Have All Worked With (And How to Deal with Them)

Surprisingly, we’ve only covered one of these 5 toxic coworker behaviors. We can’t always choose who we work with, what department we’re in, or what group is on the same shift as us, but we can learn how to deal with it in a way to keep us productive and happy in the workplace. Check it out.

5 Clues You Micromanage and How to Stop [Quiz]

Unsure if you are being a micromanager? Don’t stress, we added this article in here to help you determine whether you micromanage and how to stop. Take the quiz and find out, here.


How do you deal with a micromanager in the workplace? Comment below!