Back to school can be an extremely busy and stressful time of year as a working parent. New schedules, getting back into a routine and going from a slower-paced summer to the speed of the new school year can be a lot to handle. Especially for newer parents going through it for the first time. So today we’re sharing how you can feel less overwhelmed, and how the workplace can assist you during this transitional period as well to make life a little bit easier. Check it out.

7 Ways Back-to-School Disrupts Workplace Productivity

First, we should start by looking at how back-to-school affects the workplace for working parents. There are a lot more challenges than you would think. Here are 7 obstacles, like adjusting to a new morning schedule, that parents face with back-to-school. Check it out.

Supporting Working Parents: A Guide for Companies and Coworkers

Helping at home allows employees to be more engaged, happier, more productive and not to mention, committed to their work. So how can companies help make life a little easier for a working parent? Find out here.

5 Ways to Help Working Parents Survive Back to School Stress

“Parents have to manage the extra stress inherent in such upheaval, and yet still get to their jobs on time, attend to their work, and perform at their best level.” So how else can we help? Here are five more ways that we can assist parents to help with the chaos of back to school.

How Working Parents Can Feel Less Overwhelmed and More in Control

“Is it any wonder that research shows that most working parents feel stressed, tired, and rushed? Or that when you look ahead, you feel more than a little overwhelmed?” But the plus? The Harvard Business Review is sharing techniques to assist with the overwhelm. A simple guide just for you. Check it out.


What’s your advice for working parents during back-to-school? Comment below!