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If you’re currently unemployed, it’s safe to say you’re probably working on your career. However, smart professionals don’t slack off on their career growth just because they found employment. Consistently working on your career and investing your time in growing it will make you happier, and more successful. With that in mind, we’ve gathered the best links we could that will help you do just that. Update your social media, put together a career plan, and more with the links below!

How to Make a LinkedIn Page That Wows Recruiters, According to the Guy Who Just Overhauled Its Design

If you’re looking to begin working on your professional development, a good place to start is LinkedIn. Don’t have a profile already? Not to worry- the site makes it very easy with step by step instructions. If you do already have a profile article, this article is for you. Recently, LinkedIn had its user interface and design completely overhauled. In this article from BusinessInsider, the man who was in charge of that overhaul gives some great advice on how to optimize your profile. These tips are incredibly extensive, and should help you completely revamp your profile. A freshly updated LinkedIn profile could even lead to job opportunities or new network connections!

Clean Up Your Google Search Results Before Applying for a Job – Here’s How

If you’re looking to find out something online, we rarely use the word ‘search’ and instead just say ‘Google it’. This is representative of just how powerful the world’s largest search engine has become, and it’s no surprise that it may affect your career and employment. Before hiring candidates, most employers run a background check, but now they are also ‘Googling’ their candidates. So to fully prepare for a career move, you should tidy up your search engine presence. This article shows you how to do just that.

How to Pull Off One More Career Win Before the Year’s Over

Unfortunately our career goals constantly get put on the back-burner due to things like a project going on at work, or a personal problem going at home. Although your career is one of the most important things in your life, it all too commonly falls victim to the day-to-day concerns. Carving out time for your career is important, and this blog from the Muse will help you do that before the year is done.

6 Risks Successful People Take Every Day (That Will Advance Your Career)

Could being risk averse could also mean being success averse? This article thinks so. It suggests that sometimes you have to go outside of your comfort zone to be rewarded with success. However if you’re not sure what risks you should be taking, this is the link to click. Thankfully they’re not huge risks, but simple ones like reaching out to someone you don’t know or asking for feedback. We don’t do these things for fear of rejection or criticism, but if you are able to push through the worry, you may be rewarded with a big payoff.

30-Year-Old Self-Made Millionaire Says This Weekend Habit is Essential to His Success

At just 28 years old Kyle Taylor had become a millionaire, but only a few short years before he was collecting change to buy ramen. In this article, he shares how he stays ahead in his career. It’s a great tip and it’s something you don’t have to be a millionaire to utilize. Every Saturday, he goes over the latest news and what’s going on in his career field. It keeps him fresh on new trends and ahead of the curve. That knowledge could also be valuable in a job interview!

Career Advice: 5 Ways Being Messy, Noisy, and Disorganized Can Actually Help You at Work

I feel obligated to say up front- this article won’t justify being a mess at work. Rather, it encourages occasionally opting for the less neat option. Being too tidy can hamper creative thinking and other important processes. The article points out the downsides to: quiet offices, focusing on a single project, and having a neat desk. If you’re looking to foster more creativity in your office, it may be time embrace a little disorder! Check out the full article for the creative benefits to being a little less neat.

You Might Be More Qualified For That Job Than You Think

Feeling like you are under qualified for every job you look at? Don’t worry- hiring managers are having the same realization. With the job openings hitting a new record there is a candidate shortage in many areas. Employers are realizing they may need to relax some of their requirements and qualifications to actually find someone to hire. If you want to feel more optimistic about job opportunities, check out the full article for a breakdown of the job market.

How to Tell Whether You Should Accept a Job Interview

Getting a job interview is a great thing! It means that there is an employer who is seriously interested in your credentials, and wants to meet you to learn more. Oddly enough, heading to that job interview may not always be the best choice. For instance, if the job interview doesn’t seem along your career path, you may opt not to take it. However, if you think it may open you to a new path, you may want to consider it. If you’re currently evaluating moving further in the process with a company, this blog will help you evaluate those opportunities.

It can be challenging to motivate yourself to invest time in your career, but we hope the links from this week’s roundup will help you do just that! While the time may be hard to carve out, it’s almost always a worthwhile investment. Check back next week for a new set of links and a new topic!