To be or not to be a perfectionist, that is the question. Society considers perfectionism as a skill. However, research shows there are some negatives that come with it. For today’s link roundup we’re covering the behaviors of a perfectionist, how to manage one, and ways to overcome perfectionism. Check them out below!

7 Ways Your Perfection Is Ruining Your Work (And What to Do About It)

Ever wonder if you’re a perfectionist? Or if you are dealing with one? The best way to deal with perfectionism (whether it be you or someone you know/work with) is to understand the behaviors. Here are 7 behaviors of perfectionists in the workplace, and what they mean.

How to Be More Productive at Work if You’re a Perfectionist

“Recognize how perfectionism can actually reduce the quality of your work when it leads to procrastination.”. Is perfectionism a weakness? Can it actually counteract your productivity? Read more, here!

10 Ways Perfectionism Hurts Teams

Although we tend to view perfectionism as a “skill” or something to be proud of, it actually can have some negative effects.  Check out the advice from the Forbes Coaches Council on “what about perfectionism slows down a team and how it can hurt the team and the project in the long run” here.

How to Manage a Perfectionist

It’s nice to understand perfectionism, but how do we manage a perfectionist in the workplace? “Managing a perfectionist can be challenging but it’s not impossible. And when done well, you both will benefit.”  Read more, here.

The Pros and Cons of Perfectionism, According to Research

Despite the previous few blogs, being a perfectionist isn’t all negative. If you want to get really technical based on research and find out the pros and cons of being a perfectionist, read on.

How to Overcome Perfectionism: 4 Secrets from Research

“So many perfectionists don’t think they have a problem — it’s this world full of slackers producing all the grief. The qualities they are most proud of are often the ones causing their problems. And in their chosen arena perfectionists definitely, produce great results … What they are consistently blind to are the costs”. Want to figure out how to work on being less of a perfectionist? Check out these tips, here.