Candidates waiting for a job interview.

When it comes to job interviews, there is a wealth of information, articles, and blogs online. The most common discuss things like ‘common interview mistakes’ and the question ‘What is your greatest weakness‘. However, there are many aspects and questions that come up in job interviews that don’t receive as much discussion despite their importance. This week, we’ve gathered some articles that cover those topics and questions, in addition to some other valuable advice and news.

American Workers Are Optimistic About Getting a Job

We start our Link Roundup with some great news- many Americans believe it’s not too challenging to find a new job. Based on a new study, only 17% of Americans think jobs are hard to get. This supports the narrative that the US is reaching full employment, although the term will always be hard to confirm. Either way, the job market is extremely optimistic, and job growth has been strong in the past few months. If you’d like to see the August jobs report that just came out today, it can be viewed here.

An Introvert’s Guide to Job Interviews (Infographic)

While you may believe job interviews to be stress inducing, they are even more so for introverts. If you don’t typically do well interacting with new people, this guide should help you nail your next interview. This handy infographic highlights that introverts have incredibly valuable qualities of their own. These qualities make introverts great employees and interview candidates. Learning how to highlight them as well as alleviating any other stressful scenarios beforehand will help any introvert succeed in their next job interview.

Does Work-Life Balance Even Exist? Let’s Ask Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Sara Blakely

With a new focus on employee engagement in the workplace, many companies are now considering work life balance. However if you’re wondering what people outside of HR’s employee engagement department are saying about it, this article can clue you in. It examines the opinions of multiple CEOs and entrepreneurs and how they manage their personal lives. It’s interesting to hear the opinions from people who likely work an incredible number of hours each week, and well worth a read.

How to Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself” In a Job Interview

If you’re unprepared in a job interview, the question “Can you tell me about yourself?” can quickly catch you off guard. It’s such a broad and potentially personal question that not many job seekers are prepared for it, and end up stumbling over words. This blog from CNBC hopes to alleviate that awkward response, and should have you answering the question in a confident manner.

I’m A Hiring Manager – Here Are Five Questions I Always Ask Job Candidates

Getting into the minds eye of the person on the other end of the interview table is always helpful. Thankfully, that’s exactly what this article does. It also makes for a great read for both job seekers and anyone working in HR. These questions are unique, and the hiring manager who wrote it explains their methodology in asking them. Furthermore, they explain what kinds of answers impress, and what kinds disappoint. In a job interview you may not hear these specific questions. However, reading this article will help you understand the mentality of a hiring manager, and what they look for in an answer.

7 Ways to Spot a Work-From-Home Scam

More job seekers are considering remote work, in an attempt to achieve better work life balance. However, those opportunities have a higher likelihood of being scams. Because they are so desirable, jobs seekers often miss the telltale signs of it being a scam. Thankfully, this list from US News will help you identify a false opportunity before you submit any personal information. If you’re looking for remote work, give this a read before you start your search.

Preventing Interview Burnout

Rejection can be tough to deal with in a job search. Being brought in for an interview and never hearing back can somehow feel worse than being ignored completely. Getting over this ‘interview fatigue’ is tough, but necessary. Going into job interviews with an increasingly negative outlook will further worsen your chances. Although this article is from, it offers advice that is applicable to any profession. If you have the job interview blues, this blog just might be the cure.

Superhero Salaries: How Much Does Your Favorite Hero Make?

This week’s Link Roundup ends on a fun note! This write up from Zippia looks at the salaries of your favorite superheroes. Not what they get paid for saving lives, but what kind of cash they bring in as their secret identities. If you’re feeling down from your job search, it might be comforting to know that Spider-Man is only making around $22,000 despite be a web-slinging superhero. It’s a fun, quick read that any job seeker should enjoy!

Job interviews can be stressful and daunting to attend. Appropriately preparing for a job interview goes beyond just the questions you have to answer. We hope we’ve provided some unique advice in this week’s Link Roundup, that will help you ace your next job interview. Best of luck!