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We’re back with more advice this week. The links have what you expect- advice on resumes, interviewing, and job satisfaction. However, we also have insights into the greater U.S. job market, as well as a look at some local talent in the Capital Region. If any of that interests you, start exploring the links below!

If You Want to Be Happy at Work, Have a Life Outside of It

This article from the Harvard Business Review looks rather comprehensively into stress, job satisfaction, and overall happiness over the course of a life. Instead of just examining how work affects our overall happiness, they look at multiple factors that could be influenced by work. It provides some interesting insight into just how significantly our work life can impact our happiness. If you’ve ever wondered just how much your work life and job satisfaction are affecting you overall, this is a great place to find out.

February Was a Blockbuster Month For U.S. Job Creation

If you’re wondering how strong the job market was in the U.S, you’re in luck! Forbes has put together a handy infographic to help you visualize the significance of the increase. While experts anticipated 190,000 new jobs in February, the month actually saw the addition of 298,000 new jobs within the private sector. This is the strongest increase in new jobs in the past three years.

Announcing: The 40 Under 40 Class of 2017

The Albany Business Review has unveiled their ’40 Under 40′ for 2017. Every year for the past 18  years, the Albany Business Review has reviewed nominations to choose the best and most promising in young talent in the Capital Region. All winners will be honored at the 40 Under 40 luncheon at the new Albany Capital Center in Downtown Albany.

Five Traits That Separate Job Seekers Who Get Hired From Those Who Do Not

Wondering what sets apart the people with jobs and those without? This list attempt to do just that. Breaking down 5 qualities that the author believes sets apart those workers, it may provide you with an answer. If you feel like you’ve come close without any results, focusing on these skills and methods of approach may help your job search. It is worth noting that the last trait mentioned is persistence. Even if you haven’t had any luck, the only way to guarantee success is to keep at it. If your job search has yet to bear fruit, the perfect opportunity could be waiting for you just around the corner.

Here’s How a JPMorgan Recruiter Describes His Perfect Candidate

Wondering what a recruiter at the top banking and financial services looks for in new candidates? It probably isn’t what you expect. Phill Paige, is the Vice President of Schools & College Engagement at JP Morgan. He is responsible for finding young promising candidates to work at the company. He describe in the article what he looks for in a new candidate, and it goes beyond qualifications on paper. It’s a testament to the power of passion and genuine interest, which he says stands out to any keen recruiter. If you are truly interested in a job, that may in fact help you land it!

Secrets of the Sisterhood: Glassdoor Women On Their Best Career Advice

This Wednesday, March 8th, was International Women’s Day. To celebrate, the women of Glassdoor contributed their best career advice, and it’s been collected in this blog. The advice comes from all across the organization, with quotes from the Chief Product Officer, as well as the Content Marketing Coordinator. If you need some inspiration, or some ideas to give a spark to light the fire in your job search, this is a great place to find it.

How You Can Make a Great Impression Before You Meet Your Interviewer

This article actually takes the form of an interview with author Scott Sonenshein. His new book is all about achieving more than you thought yourself capable of. His book outlines a unique way in which you can influence the outcome of an interview even before you sit down to chat with the interviewer. How you approach the entire application process from the beginning all impacts the outcome of the interview.

4 High Impact Resume Updates That Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Looking to give your resume the extra boost it needs to find you the right job?  This article has a few quick tips that can make all the difference. After reading the article, you will have a few easy ways in which you can change your resume to make a stronger impression. Making these suggested simple changes requires a small amount of effort for a big potential payoff. Even if you don’t follow all steps, doing just one update can improve your resume. Let us know if you have any resume advice that you find helpful, and would like to share!