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No matter the field you work in, a job search will always have certain challenges. Feeling discouraged and not having enough experience are extremely common problems that most job seekers struggle with. In this week’s Link Roundup, we found articles that explore those challenges, and offer some advice to overcome them.

How to Get a Job When You Don’t Have the Experience Employers Want

To start us off, our first link explores a common problem that is very frustrating to job seekers new to the workforce. Finding a job without much experience can present many challenges, even if you only apply to entry level jobs. So how do you get over that huge initial hurdle? Mario Peshev, CEO of DevriX shares his insight on getting started, and how to land a job without much experience. This is a great read for any recent grads looking to get started in the workforce.

4 Things Every Job Seeker Worries About (And What to Do About Them)

Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy, especially when it comes to your job search. Many job seekers get discouraged when they don’t hearing back, and they begin to think that they don’t measure up. Don’t let your worries get the best of you! It’s very common to have job search concerns. Before you start worrying that your resume will get lost, or you’ll never find the right job, give this blog a quick read!

You Won’t Believe the Ridiculous Reasons These People Didn’t Get the Job

If you change jobs and stay in the workforce long enough, you’re bound to have a weird job search story. In this post from Glassdoor, people share their zany stories about why there were turned down for a job. If you’ve ever felt like you were passed over for a strange or inconsequential reason, prepare to be amazed by the reasons given in this article. Imagine if your candidacy at a company was determined solely by a coin toss. Yikes!

7 Ways to Make It Easier For Recruiters to Skim Your Resume

If you want to have success with your job search in the digital age, you have to appropriately format your resume. Staying away from crazy fonts and formatting will help, but there is even more you can do. The more ‘computer friendly’ your resume is, the higher your chances are of getting it in front of the right pair of eyes. If you’ve never optimized your resume before, this is a good place to start.

Here’s How Hiring Managers Look at Those Quirky Job Titles On Your Resume

Have you ever wondered what a recruiter thinks when they see ‘Marketing Ninja’ or ‘Director of First Impressions’ on a resume? Look no further. This great article from The Muse gives a hiring manager’s perspective on all kinds of job titles, and how they function on a resume. For instance, if you have an uncommon or unique job title, you should make sure what you do in that role is explained well. Check out the full article for more helpful insight.

10 Things I Wished Someone Had Told Me Before I Started Working From Home

Working remotely from home can be great. However, it comes with it’s own set of challenges that aren’t present in a normal workplace. If you are going to be transitioning from a typical office to remote work, there are a few things you should keep in mind. This article from Business Insider offers some great advice from a professional who has made the change before. In her time working from home, she’s figured out which approaches work best.

The Best Way to Network in a New Job

Navigating relationships in a new job can be tough. It’s important to build up connections if you want to be successful, but navigating that is no easy task. Trying to prioritize making connections among all the other challenges a new job offers can be tough. In this article from the Harvard Business Review, they try to find out if they can expedite the process of establishing a network at work. It’s clear that a lot of data was researched and analyzed, and they discovered some interesting results that are contrary to conventional wisdom. If you’re looking to grow your network in a new role, definitely give this a read!