Santa holding sign saying he is looking for work.

December is an incredibly easy time to pack it up and call it a day in your job search. Most HR departments must be slowing their searches during the holidays, right? Not true, says our first article. Read about why you shouldn’t halt your search in December, and then boost your LinkedIn profile with link #2 to strengthen your search.

Is It Worth It to Job Search in December?

The folks over at Payscale were kind enough to put together this post of reasons you should keep your job search alive in December. They point out that there are actually a wide range of jobs open. Seasonal jobs surge in December, and some employees in permanent positions leave after their year end bonus. There are opportunities out there for every type of job seeker, so don’t give up on your job search and settle for a cup of hot cocoa! (tempting as it may be).

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Get More Jobs

Nowadays, it is a forgone conclusion that any professional and/or job seeker will have a LinkedIn profile. Employers expect to find you and check on your qualifications on the top business networking site. While you may have a profile, there are steps you can take to make it truly stand out and highlight your talent. Read over this comprehensive guide to make your LinkedIn profile the best it can be.

The Sound of Productivity

Do you listen to music at work? This quiz put out by is designed to determine if your workday would be better off with a little music. Once you take this 10 question quiz, you will get a custom playlist based on your tastes and work environment. Of course, if it determines that you’d be better off without music, that means no playlist for you! Check out the quiz to find out the role music should play in your work life.

The 30-Second Resume: 5 Tips to Get Noticed

Today, the online application process is incredibly smooth and simple. This makes it easy for any applicant to submit their resume. However, hiring managers now have to sift through a mountain of resumes, which causes them to be more selective with less time. You only have a small window to get your resume noticed. Check out this post to discover how you can do just that.

Five Myths About Landing a Good Job Later in Life

Many workers in the 50+ age category who have moved on from their main career path assume they can only find low wage jobs. However, this traditional thought is proving time and again to be untrue. The Wall Street Journal busts 5 popular myths about finding a job later in life in this eye opening article.

Thanks to ‘Fight For $15’ Minimum Wage, McDonald’s Unveils Job-Replacing Self-Service Nationwide

With the pressure of the $15/hr wage strike being felt by McDonald’s, they’ve finally taken action. Not by raising wages, but by rolling out automated digital cashier stations that replace those workers. Many involved parties cautioned champions of the movement that they would risk pricing themselves out to automation. This article is even more interesting since it is written by an ex-McDonald’s CEO. This is likely where automation will start, and work it’s way up.

3 Ways to Boost Your Network Without an Awkward Networking Event

Networking events are a great way to meet many people. However, everyone at the event is likely overwhelmed with the amount of new faces. This makes it very challenging to make a lasting impression on someone. If you want to truly make a networking connection, try one of these three alternative options with a more personal touch.

3 Signs You May Not Be Open to Professional Feedback

No matter the industry, every job requires feedback. As workers, we all expect to be informed of how we are doing in terms of performance and success. However, not all employees welcome feedback openly. If you feel as if you are one of the more resistant workers, read this blog to confirm your suspicions. In addition to analyzing three symptoms, this article also offers three solutions for anyone who doesn’t take feedback well.