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Ask a Recruiter: 5 Steps to a Competitive Resume

In terms of your job search, your resume is pretty much a make-or-break factor. If it has all the proper skills and qualifications, you may be considered. However, if it is poorly laid out, full of bad grammar, or hard to understand, it can destroy your chances. Writing a killer resume will greatly reward you in your job search. This article is extremely comprehensive and will ensure you’re off to a good start. It also begins by noting there is no perfect formula for building a resume. This is a necessary consideration many resume articles fail to realize.

How to Polish Your Online Presence Before Searching for a Job

If you haven’t considered your social media accounts and how they factor into your job search, you’re doing it wrong. Social media plays a huge role in our lives, and that includes finding a job. Many recruiters and hiring managers will use your social media to determine what kind of person you are. While you may not like it, it’s being done at many organizations. We published our own guide to social media, but this article is a also a great resource. In addition to what you do, the article also explains why you should do it. Don’t hurt your job search because of something silly you posted on your Facebook account a year ago.

4 Lies You Tell Yourself During the Job Search When You’re Desperate

If you’ve wondered why you’re struggling with your job search, there may be an easy answer. Someone may be holding you back, and that someone is you. Whether it stems from self doubt, hubris, or underestimation, you may be damaging your chances to find a job. While you likely have the best of intentions, read this article over to make sure you’re not hurting your search.

How Our Lifestyle Choices are Creating New Jobs

In our industry spotlights we’ve commonly touched upon the impact technology is having on the workplace. We also have to consider how our lifestyle changes are affecting work. As it turns out, lifestyle changes are creating jobs. This article provides a great analysis of the effect of how we live and lists the top 5 jobs that are the most affected. The best part: it’s all backed up with statistical evidence.

An ex-Goldman Sachs Employee Who Interviewed Over 100 People Shares What the Most Impressive Job Candidates had in Common

Although the headline is quite the mouthful, the article is a quick but worthwhile read. Becca Brown worked at Goldman Sachs for six years where she interviewed potential employees. In her time there she discovered a few qualities that made interviewees stand out. At the very least read her thoughts (the bold text in the article) and make sure you keep it in mind for your next interview.

40 Under 40: The Lowest Moment of My Career

If you’ve ever felt like you’ll never find success, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even extremely successful people haven’t been that way all their lives. In this article, Fortune asked their 40 Under 40 what the lowest point of their careers were. It’s extremely motivating to see what these professionals have overcome to succeed. It’s enough to make you believe that you can too.

Hiring Process Hurdles

It’s easy to forget that hiring managers struggle with their side of the process just as you do with applying and interviewing. There is no perfect system for finding the right candidate, and getting there can be a challenge. This article includes a helpful infographic with some statistics on what’s complicating the hiring process. No matter which side of the table you sit on this is an interesting read.

Ban Business Dinners and 7 More Career Tips from the CEOs of GM and Chase

For anyone in a management position, definitely give this article a quick read. Although you can find tips online about how to manage, experience usually provides the best advice. Also, it’s important to remember the ‘ban business dinners’ advice is geared at employee dinners, not those with clients. Having short notice employee dinners disadvantages those with prior obligations from a chance to network and connect. Instead try and forge those connections by doing a in office breakfast or order in lunch. Overall the advice is short and sweet, and you can extrapolate it how you like into your workplace.

The Top 210 Best Job Search Sites for 2016

In the current economy, job candidates are at a huge advantage over the parties hiring. We are near or at full employment in the US, which means finding qualified candidates is quite a challenge. As a job seeker, it’s important to make sure you find a job you truly want. This article lists some of the best places to look in specific industries. Also, if you’re looking in the Capital Region, be sure to check out our location based listings for our jobs.

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