Candidates waiting for interviews.

This week we have some great articles that share the stories of other job seekers. While it’s great to get advice from professionals doing the hiring, sometimes having another job seeker share their own experiences can give great perspective. Below we’ve grabbed a few of our favorite articles and stories this week, so read on!

Resume Isn’t Perfect? Stop Worrying and Embrace Your Strengths

This Forbes article is the story of Sarah Robb O’Hagan, who has had quite a fantastic career at only 44 years old. She’s been the president of both Equinox Gym, Gatorade, and most recently was appointed CEO of Flywheel sports. Forbes Writer Jeff Kauflin was able to get her perspective on her career and job search struggles, and it’s surprisingly relatable. Nobody is perfect, and it’s a realization Sarah had when she was let go from Virgin Airways. We all make mistakes, even CEOs! That should put your mind at ease about a resume that may look less than perfect.

8 Reasons Why You Didn’t Make It Past the First Interview

It’s easy to let your mind wander to bad places when you never get a call back after an interview. Did I dress wrong? Was I too short with my answers? Did I not ask enough questions? Many ideas will run through your mind of why the company didn’t move forward with you. Recently, Glassdoor shared a blog that breaks down 7 reasons why you never received that post interview job. After you read the blog, you may recognize where you went wrong, and course correct for your next interview!

Find Out If a Robot Will Take Your Job

Are you worried about a robot stealing your job? If so, this link may be able to clear your head, or verify your claims. McKinsey Global Institute recently developed an algorithm to determine the likelihood of your job being replaced by automation. Once you enter your occupation, it will crunch the numbers and let you know if your job is ‘safe’ or not. It also breaks down the general responsibilities that your position entails, and if a robot is capable of doing them or not. If you feel like you’re at risk, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Just Like in Sports, Preparation is Key to a Successful Job Interview

In this write up Sam Roworth offers his perspective on job searching as a former international athlete. He’s noticed that there are more than a few similarities between sports and job searching. The one that stood out most to him is the necessity of preparation. It’s near impossible to walk into an interview without any preparation and walk out with a job offer. It simply doesn’t happen. So many companies rely on the candidate to do some digging into their organization and express genuine interest. Failing to do this severely hurts your chances of moving on to the next step in the process. Check out this reflection for some great advice and insight.

A Simple Change to My Daily Routine Kept My Job Search From Driving Me Crazy

Have you been driving yourself crazy with your job search? If so, Richard Moy has been there too, and found a way past it. Part of that is structuring out his job search, and the other part is knowing to let it go. For him, having a structured approach was just as important as the lack of structure on the weekends. Allowing himself to take a break let him return refreshed and ready to start the hunt again on Monday. If you’re looking for an outline of a job search strategy, we’ve covered just that in one of our previous blogs.

Study Shows That Cycling to Work Would Cut Risk of Cancer by 45%

A new study carried out by the University of Glasgow found that riding a bike to work lowers the risk of both cancer and heart disease by around 45%! Obviously this option may not be viable depending on how far away your office is located, but it’s still worth thinking about. Never underestimate the importance of getting up and moving, especially if you spend most of your day seated behind a desk. If you can, try to go for a walk on your lunch break every once in a while! While biking to work has a positive effect on health, making sure you move around during the day can also make a difference!

The 20 Best Companies for Work-Life Balance

Wondering what companies have the best work-life balance? Indeed has done their research and put together a list of the top 20 companies with great work-life balance. The contents of the list may actually surprise you as well! If you’re expecting the list to be dominated by Silicon Valley tech giants, you’re wrong! Click the link in the title to find out who actually made the list, and what factors went into ranking the companies.