2020 is upon us as we are ALMOST halfway through December. A new year comes with new goals, motivation, reassessment, and action. Including taking inventory of your current job situation and making decisions about where you want to be for the future. Today we’re covering job search tips, the upcoming trends, and how you should update your resume for 2020. Check it out!

Top Tips for Finding a New Job in 2020

If you’re looking to make a job change, what are some ways to go about it in the new year? Should you wait until after the holidays? Are there specific things that you should do differently? Find out why focusing on upskilling, should be a part of your focus. Check it out!

2 Important​ Job Hunting Tips for 2020

Piggybacking off the previous blog, here are two additional tips related to job hunting that you should be aware of come 2020. Starting with changing the dates on your resume. Why is that important? Find out here.

It’s 2020, Polish Your Resume – New Year, New Career! 

In order to job search successfully, you should ensure that your resume is updated in all ways. 2020 will come with new requirements and new preferences. So, here are some tips to follow on how you can update your resume to better increase your chances of being considered for a new position. This blog covers the order you should list your resume, the format type, and even length preferences. Check it out!

20 Job Search Tips to Navigate 2020 to Get More Money

New Year, more goals… more money? Of course, if there are ways to bring in more cash along with a new year, we’re on board. Here are 20 tips; like embracing texting as part of the recruiting process, and utilizing hashtags in your search.

Looking Ahead: 2020 Workplace Trends

Now that we’ve covered resume and job hunting tips, let’s look at the trends for the job world in 2020. Such as workplace demographics, remote work trends, and employee benefits and how they are fitting into 2020. Check it out!


[ Do you have any job search tips for going into the New Year? We’d love to hear it. ]