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As you know, the job search can be extensive. Sometimes it can take months to land an interview or position. It is important to use your time wisely and get the most out of your search. In this week’s roundup, we have compiled a list of great advice to speed up the search process AND help land the job that is right for you.

7 Linkedin Tips and Tricks to Help You Make Connections and Find Your Next Job

Linkedin is a great resource for the employed and seeking. Recruiters are often seeking candidates on Linkedin and making yourself visible in their search is vital. They are seeking candidates with the best skillset to get the job done and they are a great way to lead you to exactly the type of job that you are looking for. This article from Business Insider provides great tips on making your profile stand-out and searchable!

How to Use Recruiters in Your Next Job Search

This article from the Washington Post is a great transition from the previous one. If you are debating on working with a recruiter or one has reached out to you, you may have a lot of questions. This article is a Recruiter 101; giving insight on how to work with a recruiter to find the job for you!

 6 Ways To Leverage Your Social Network While Job Hunting

Social Media doesn’t have to only be social. You can actually use your social media platforms to your advantage when job searching. You never know who your connections, friends, and followers know who can help you get to where you want to go. Find out how to excel your job search through your social media accounts in this article from Forbes!

How to Write a Resume that Will Land You an Interview

A standout resume is one of the biggest assets you can have in the job search process. Your resume is what makes or breaks your application when employers and recruiters are looking to hire you. So, what happens when an automated system scans your resume and not a person? Can you still prove you’re the right person for the job? Quicken Loans explains how to make your resume ATS friendly!

10 Things an Interviewer Looks For During a Job Interview

Congratulations, you’ve been offered an interview! Of course, your next step is preparing by researching the company, making sure you rehearse your elevator pitch and any questions that may head your way. In addition, take a look at these 10 things that interviewers look for! Knowing these will surely help you lock down the job.

5 Online Courses That Teach Job-Seekers How to Write an Outstanding Cover Letter and Get Hired Faster

A cover letter allows you to stand-out from your resume and highlights your creativity, spark, and applicable experiences. There is no real format to a cover letter like you can find for a resume, so there is a lot of room to make or break the application. Luckily, there are great online resources to use that can help. Check out these 5 online courses provided by Business Insider that can help write the cover letter that will get you hired!

4 Tips to Land a Job After College

Most college graduates are stepping out with a large amount of student debt, and needing a job more than ever. Finding a job can be challenging with limited experience! The Boss Magazine highlights 4 great tips to help college students get ahead in the job market.

A Guiding Hand From College to Not Just a Job, but a Career

This article from the New York Times dives deeper into post-college graduation job seeking. Sandy Golinkin, a former publisher, and now the owner of the company, Raising the Bar, provides great insight into what recent graduates are going through. Learn more about what she does and how she helps clients seek a job that is going to make them satisfied!

These articles are just a few of many advice that can help speed up your job search and find the job that is right for you. The job search doesn’t have to be stressful and with these tips, we hope you feel the same!