Man on LinkedIn networking.

This week’s group of links focuses heavily on social media- LinkedIn specifically. No matter where you are in your career, we have advice to help you utilize the professional networking site. In addition, we also have advice on upgrading your resume, and ensuring your job security. Read on to check out the links!

How Your Social Accounts Can Impact Your Candidacy

If you’ve never thought about how your social media accounts may affect your job search, take a minute to consider it. In this day and age, a vast amount of information is freely available on the internet. This also includes the majority of your social media accounts. If they can, an employer will use that information to gauge if you are a good candidate. Make sure you are making the right choices with your social media to boost your job search with this infographic.

The Ultimate Checklist for Digitally Upgrading Your Resume

The age of digital is here. It’s probably been a while since you’ve submitted a paper version of your resume. Since most submissions are digital, you should optimize your resume to suit the format. Fast Company has a list of tips and tricks to make sure your resume is designed for the digital medium.

Future-Proof Your Career in 2017

With the continual progression of technology, the threat of automation is touching more and more industries year by year. It can be worrisome to think that your job may be affected by new technologies. So how can you protect against that? Future proof your career- follow these suggestions, and you’ll increase your job security. Also, you may just find your career more rewarding!

LinkedIn Tips: How to Get Headhunted Fast & Break Into Your Dream Industry

Do you feel like your profile has been passed by on LinkedIn? If so this is the article for you. Despite your best efforts, it’s possible your profile isn’t quite up to snuff. There are a few simple changes to be made, that will improve your profile’s visibility greatly. Meeting a few criteria will make sure your profile gets the recognition it deserves.

The Countries Where Jobs Remain Unfilled the Longest

In a recent blog, we discussed how it’s important to be aware of average time-to-hire. This infographic sums up what you can expect depending on the country you live in. Unsurprisingly, the United States has the longest time to fill a position on average. Also sharing the top 3 longest spaces with the US is Germany, and Canada. The time is drastically different between countries, but we don’t think that means you should consider moving.

The Ultimate Guide to Make You Get Noticed on LinkedIn

If you weren’t a fan of the previous article’s longform style of explanation, this should be a great alternative. There is some crossover between the two links, but this article is broken up into bite size pieces. If you want to be a superstar on LinkedIn, this is definitely the article to read.

We hope this week’s batch of links helps you better network online, and find the job you want today! We’ll be back next week with another set of fresh links to help any job seeker out there, so make sure to check back!