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Social Media is constantly changing, updating, and releasing new features. Linkedin has been making some massive changes to their mobile and website platforms. It’s one of the largest powerhouses for professional networking and only continues to be with their new implementations. There have been more than 5 new features rolled out within the past few months. Find out more about them and how to navigate the platform in this week’s link roundup!

5 New Linkedin Features to Boost Your Career

Social media platforms are constantly being updated with new features. Unless you are regularly active on a platform, you may be missing out on new releases. Linkedin has added some great new advancements for users, especially through the mobile app. These features range from a nearby function to resume building access. You’ll have to read this article to see what they’re all about!

How to Update Your Job Experience on Linkedin When You Leave a Company

Just like a resume, you need to manually update your Linkedin when you leave a company or get a new job. Not updating your profile could affect potential job opportunities in the future. Avid Linkedin users may know how to change their current experience, but if you are still learning how to navigate the site, check out this easy how-to for updating your experience!

Linkedin Tweaked Its Experience Section to Group All Positions at the Same Workplace

There was a new design update for Linkedin Profiles that dropped recently. This new update allows for an easier read when reading someone’s job experience. Multiple roles appear under one company now, allowing profile viewers to see the longevity of company experience. Find out more ways this update can improve your work history in this article.

Linkedin Voice Messaging Aims to Connect HR with Job Seekers

Linkedin announced last week that they are implementing a free messaging service to users. The service will allow job seekers and HR professionals to send voice messages through the mobile app. Users will be able to also listen to them through the web version. Find out why this new messaging service can be beneficial to both the job search and finding the right candidates for job openings!

The New Linkedin Feature That Could Spell the End of the Business Card

Well, this feature may change the course of sharing contact information, but the end of business cards altogether, maybe a little farfetched. There may be times that we meet someone and don’t have a card on us or have to search for them online. At the end of June, Linkedin released the Linkedin QR Code, allowing scanning from the mobile app to allow two people to instantly connect on the site. Pretty nifty, right? Find out more about the new feature and how it could change the future of networking.

Have you checked out any of these new features yet? We want to know your thoughts!