Welcome back to another weekly link roundup! This week starts off with a big development on LinkedIn. It could be a game changer for how LinkedIn is utilized for recruiting and finding a job. Not to be left out, Facebook is also in the news for launching a new platform which can be read about as well. Enjoy!

LinkedIn Will Now Let You Discreetly Signal When You’re Looking for a Job

For any job seeker that has tried to start a stealthy job search while still working, their search just got easier. LinkedIn recently rolled out a new feature called ‘Open Candidates’. This features allows job seekers to secretly let it be known they are searching for a new job. These ‘open candidates’ will only appear to recruiters who utilize LinkedIn’s premium recruiting services.  It’s also important to note these open candidates won’t appear to current employers who do utilize the software either.

Why You Should Think Twice About Quitting Your Job

While article #1 may seem like a great way to begin a passive search, our second link of the day recommends you proceed with caution. Despite our current promiscuous job culture, this writer suggests a steadier commitment. To rethink a long term company commitment, move away from the ‘ladder’ metaphor. Instead of just trying to move up another rung of the corporate ladder, try to grow outward in your company as well as upward. Take on new responsibilities and test your limits.

Most American Workers See This as the Biggest Threat To Their Jobs

In the past we’ve discussed automation as a job threat. As it turns out, it may just make jobs easier instead of wholly eliminating them. Those in the workforce have other reasons to fear for their jobs however. Check out this article to see which fear is first and foremost.

Rock Solid Careers for 6 Major Personality Types

One of the more popular ways to determine what career is right for you is taking a personality test. The Myers Briggs is ever popular, utilizing 4 key traits. This infographic uses similar traits and breaks down people into 6 categories. Within each category there are a few recommended jobs. Was this breakdown accurate for you, or something you’re interested in? Let us know.

3 Steps to Reinventing Your Career – Even if You’re Not Sure What You Want to Do Next

This article stood out because it was wholly unique. Many of these personal stories of career ‘reinvention’ usually jump quickly to how everything worked out and the worker is happier and making a good amount of money. These stories certainly have a survivor bias- meaning those that don’t make it aren’t likely to post about it. This article actually has actionable information for you to use if you want to make a change. While there are no guarantees, it’s more concrete advice than most similar articles that will only say ‘it worked for me’!

Don’t Waste Your Time on Networking Events

Many of the links this week offer a new perspective, and this is especially true here. Harvard Business Review’s Derek Coburn has noticed that most ‘networking’ events don’t result in many leads. Instead of going to anonymous events, he recommends focusing attention on your existing network, and moving out from there.

Will Businesses ‘Like’ Facebook at Work?

If you haven’t heard of ‘Facebook at Work’ yet, don’t be alarmed. Although it represents Facebook’s new attempt to make it a proficient platform for the workplace, it’s debuting overseas first. The new service has been beta tested, but is seeing a launch on Oct 10th in London, so keep your eye out for more news.

The Follow-Up Email Every Job Seeker Needs to Know How to Write

It can be hard to stand out from the pack in an interview. During the whole hiring process, getting recognized is a challenge. Following an interview, there’s a few things you can do to make yourself more than just a name on a resume. Check out this link for some great advice regarding post interview follow ups.

Genius Lands 10 Job Interviews By Delivering His Resume in Boxes of Donuts

Much like the person who put their entire resume on a candy bar, sometimes fortune favors the bold (and in this case the delicious). 25 year old Lukas is looking for work in San Fran, and decided to take a sweet different approach to sending in resumes. Instead of applying online, he delivered his resume along with a box of doughnuts to places he wants to work. He already has 10 interviews, and to be honest we wouldn’t mind if Lukas ‘applied’ here as well!

Hiring, Starting Salaries on the Rise for College Graduates

To end on a positive note, it seems that companies are rewarding the hard work of many recent college grads, in this case with job offers. Not only are college grads receiving more job offers, they’re also getting higher salaries, finds this Michigan State University report. Click through the link if you’re looking for a breakdown by degree type.

As always, thanks for stopping by this week and seeing what links we have to share. We’ll be back next week with a fresh set, and we hope you put all this news and advice to good use until then!