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2017 is coming to a close, and 2018 is nearly upon us. It’s a great time to do some self reflecting, and work on self development. With that in mind, we’ve gathered the best links we could find this week to prepare you for 2018. Whether it’s your career, your job search, or your work life balance, we can help you get it in line for the new year. Read on below for the links!

What’s Ahead for Jobs? Five Disruptions to Watch in 2018

With so much data at their disposal, Glassdoor is in a unique position to analyze workplace and job market trends. Tapping into that data has enabled the website to look at the past year, and look forward to the next. In this recent report they examine what 2018 will hold for the job market in terms of expansions and disruptions. One of the points they raised is that the hiring process will continue to become more transparent. This should hopefully be a win for both employers and employees. The more transparent the process, the better the fit to be attained in each new hire. Check out the full report for many insights and a great look into what they next year may hold.

20 Career Boosting Steps You Can Take Before New Year’s Eve

Looking to start off 2018 on the right foot? Follow these 20 steps and it’s almost a guarantee that you will! This comprehensive list from The Muse will make sure you’re in good standing to have a great career in the new year. It can be easy to fall behind during the holidays, but taking these actions will keep you from being swamped when everything returns to normal. Additionally, these steps will help you prepare for a new job search, if you’re going to be looking for new opportunities. Either way, it’s a great way to set yourself up for success in 2018.

Which Career Battles Should You Fight and Which Should You Drop?

Part of being successful is tied to knowing what ventures are worth your time, and which are not. The same can be said for battles at work. Not every problem is worth devoting a lot of your time to fix, only to see minimal results. Alternatively, an example of a battle you should fight at work is when someone is taking credit for all of your work. It may take time to correct, but you want your success attributed to you, not someone else. Read the full article for a better understanding of similar situations.

5 Ways to Think Positively and Achieve Career Success

Many times, how a situation plays out is affected not only by actions taken, but also by the attitude those actions were taken with. Going into a job search with a negative outlook could easily turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy, where you turn up no opportunities. Instead, approach new experiences and challenges with a positive attitude, and it won’t go unnoticed, and may even influence the results. Frame your mindset for 2018, and get in the right head space for success.

Top Google Recruiter: Here are the Most Common Resume Mistakes That ‘Drive Me Nuts’

Google is a company that is at the top of many ‘dream company’ wishlists for job seekers. The search company has their own large empire in the tech world, and is sure to receive many applicants each year. One of the recruiters responsible for going through all of those resumes recently shared the most common errors she sees on those resumes. Most of them are surprisingly simple mistakes like spelling the employer’s name wrong (Googel?), referring to the wrong employer, and even punctuation mistakes. Don’t let these silly mistakes cost you your dream job. Check out the full article, and update your resume as necessary.

What to Do When You’re Distracted at Work

Towards the end of the year it’s incredibly common to find yourself somewhat distracted at work. You may be wondering who you still have to get gifts for, or whose party you should go to, or any other various holiday related thoughts. Although this behavior is common, it can be very damaging to your career. It’s important to understand why it happens, and how to snap out of it. As usual, this Harvard Business Review article is very well written, and even includes case studies at the end. If you feel your focus slipping away constantly at work, consider looking over this article.

These 10 States Don’t Go on Vacation

In 2016, unused days of vacation totaled $236 billion in lost spending. Although it’s been proven that taking time off is good for your health and your career, many professionals still fail to do so. This could be due to a perceived punishment from employers if they do take the time, or from lack of time. Whatever the reason, many vacation days are going unused. In the top 10 of states with most unused days is New York at #3, with 38,110,112 unused vacation days in total. Something to think about next time you are planning time off!

That’s it for the last Link Roundup of 2017! We hope the advice helps you start off your 2018 strong in your career. If you still want more, check back next Friday for a our blog post on New Year’s career resolutions!