employees happy at work

Though loving our jobs every day is close to impossible, it’s still important that we have a general sense of meaning and satisfaction. Maintaining job satisfaction can be done through many different ways in addition to taking the time to step back from your work now and then to regain productivity. Find out how in this week’s round of blogs below!

Your Dream Job Will Never Be Your Fantasy Job

You may think you’re looking for your dream job, but in reality, it may be a fantasy. Dream and fantasy jobs are two different situations. One is something that excites you while being achievable and one is something that lets you escape reality. Find out how these relate and how they can help you improve the quality of your current work situation!

Everyone Wants Their Work to Have Meaning, but They’re Overlooking a Critical Factor That Makes All the Difference in Loving a Job

It’s no surprise that employees are more satisfied when they feel a sense of meaning in the workplace. Having a sense of meaning at work is actually listed as one of the top three factors to engagement! Meaning alone isn’t enough for job satisfaction though, there are a few key elements that are needed. Find out what those are by checking out this insightful article from the Business Insider.

This Self-Career-Care Checklist Will Make Your Work Week Even More Fulfilling

When it comes to loving your job, stepping away from the desk once in a while is crucial. Spend your weekend taking the time to rejuvenate so you can come back to work feeling refreshed and on you’re A-game. Check out these five ways to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself before the work week arrives!

How to Be Kind at Work, No Matter How You’re Feeling

Your employees can directly affect your job satisfaction. If you’re not being treated with respect or are scared to speak up, chances are, you may not be having the best time at work. No matter how you’re feeling, you should treat your coworkers or employees with respect and kindness. Find out the psychological reasons and more about how far a little kindness can take you!

7 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Boss, Starting Today

Open communication in the workplace can have significant benefits when it comes to enjoying your job. This is especially true when you work closely with your boss. You should feel comfortable running new ideas through your boss and collaborating on projects together. Negative and positive feedback is also key! Negative feedback can seem tough to take at the time, but it ultimately helps us grow as professionals. Find out how to improve communication with your boss here!

In Today’s Tight Labor Market, You Can’t Afford to Have Unhappy Employees

In today’s tight labor market, employers need to really pay attention to employee satisfaction. With so many options, quality employees can easily leave to find something else. You obviously don’t want this to happen, so finding ways to keep them engaged and happy is key. Find out why and how in this article from the Entrepreneur!