Man packing up his office belongings preparing for a career change.

Another Friday means another Link Roundup! This week we have some great advice on making a career change, among other links. Whether you’re looking for advice on resumes, interviews, or careers, it’s all here! This week we start with a topic everyone should be familiar with: job search ethics. It’s something both job seekers and hiring managers struggle with, but being ethical in your job search will pay off. Check out the first link to find out why it’s important.

Job Search Ethics: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This article starts out with a short anecdote that acts as a point of discussion. The author of the article recounts one of his first serious job searches, and a big mistake he made during it. It’s definitely a lesson learned, and leads well into the rest of the article. Although it’s from Science Magazine, the article is highly applicable to any field, and the mentality carries over. Ethics can play a big role in a job search, and in careers specifically acting unethically seems to have an odd way of catching up with you.

Everything You Should Do in the Minutes, Hours, Days, and Weeks Following a Job Interview

Time is crucial in the application period of a job search. Sending in a resume at the right time can make a big difference, and if you wait too long you may miss the window of opportunity. Although it’s often overlooked, the time after the interview is also important. The work isn’t over after the interview has concluded. Sitting and waiting to hear back isn’t going to get the job done anymore. Now you need to be more active. It’s important to show enthusiasm and interest in the job, and this has to be done both before and after the interview. Read this handy list to find out the best steps to take.

Future-Proof Your Personal Name SEO For Personal Branding & Job Search

In terms of personal branding, your name carries a lot of weight. Within your network, people have a certain expectation of you, and you also present a specific version of yourself when you interview for a job. It’s important then that your version of who you are is consistent both in person and online. If someone with the same name in your town has multiple misdemeanors, you wouldn’t want a hiring manager getting you confused. The best way to do this is to optimize your presence on social media. This helpful blog provides the appropriate actions to start the process.

Top Tips to Switch Careers From the Founder of The Muse

Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew both co-founded the incredibly popular career site The Muse. Both are experts in career advice and the modern job market. This article looks at their new book The New Rules of Work, but also discusses the best way to make a career change. Whether you’re looking to switch careers, or if you just follow The Muse it’s a great read either way!

Want to Change Careers? Take This Critical Step First

This blog from Forbes covers the same topic, but it’s refreshingly straightforward and honest. If you really want to make a career change, you’re going to have to take certain steps, and part of that means not being passive about it. Changing careers is an active process, and nothing will happen if you sit idly by thinking about how much you want to do it. This article provides actionable steps you can follow to carry out the process and transition smoothly.

Switching Careers: 5 Things You Need to Know

If you do decide to go ahead and switch careers, there are some sobering realizations to be had. It could be the right move for you, but some things may change. If you’re looking to change careers, you’re probably unhappy, but you may not realize you’re comfortable. Making the change will likely bring happiness, but it will also push you out of your comfort zone. It will take an adjustment, and it certainly won’t be an easy process. To find out what may be ahead for you in a career change, you should definitely read this article!

You Can Be Your Boss’s Favorite Without Annoying Your Coworkers

Want to appease the boss but don’t want to be known as the overachieving brown-noser? Fast Company has some great suggestions. What’s nice about this article is it’s broken down into scenarios. So depending on your environment or situation, you only have to read certain parts of the article. For example, if you work in a team setting, there is an entire paragraph detailing how you can excel without making your coworkers look bad. The unique scenarios make the article intriguing for anyone trying to walk the line between being liked by their boss and their coworkers.

7 Dumb Things Smart People Do That Limit Their Careers

Even if you’re incredibly career savvy, it’s still possible to make mistakes. Those mistakes can even stem from the best of intentions. You may be waiting until the time is right, or waiting until you’re fully prepared. Waiting and planning ahead is a great, but it can come at the cost of time. As with most things, it is possible to overthink moves in your career. So sometimes all of that planning, waiting, thinking, and overworking could have a negative impact. If you think you spend more time planning than acting, this article might be just what you need to give you a jump start.

3 Easy Resume Tips That Too Many People Ignore

You can never get too much resume advice, so this week we’ll end with 3 quick tips that will improve any resume. The article centers around a few very basic points. It maintains that a resume should: a) showcase past success b) it should be simple, and c)  it should be backed up with strong references. The advice certainly goes beyond those three points however, so you should check out the write-up for the full experience.

That’s it for this week! We hope you found something useful among the links, especially if you’re looking to make a career change. Changing careers can certainly be a daunting task, but if you’re serious enough to consider it, the end results should pay off greatly. Make sure to check back on Monday for a new blog!