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The job search can be frustrating when you’re sending out waves of applications, but hearing back from a few to none. The job search is a lengthy task in itself, but following up with companies who don’t follow up with you may be to your advantage. This shows them that you’re passionate and driven when it comes to joining their team and also refreshes their mind when it comes to choosing candidates. Find out more about how you can make your job search worthwhile by checking out the links below!

How to Follow Up on Your Job Application

Job applications can be lengthy and take a lot of time. It’s aggravating to not hear anything back, regardless of it being good or bad news. Especially when it’s a position you are passionate about and qualified for. No one likes to be “ghosted”! So, how do you go about following up on an online job application? Find out how here!

Here’s How Long You Should Wait to Follow Up at Every Point in the Job Search

Diving deeper into the topic of conversation in the previous article, following up is important when it comes to being proactive during the job search/application process. Each step of the job search process requires a specific amount of time to follow up and a slightly different way to go about it. You never want to appear too pushy, but you also don’t want to appear disinterested. Find out how long you should follow up at each point in the job search in this insightful article from The Muse!

Don’t Send an Email Without Doing These Three Things

Proper email etiquette is important to learn no matter what point of your career you are in. Proper grammar, language, tone, etc… is vital when it comes to impressing the person on the other side of the email. Throughout the job process, you never want to send an unprofessional looking email or you may lose out on the opportunity because of it! Make sure you’re avoiding common email mistakes by checking out what three things you must be aware of in every email you send.

Job Hunt Taking Longer Than Expected? 9 Ways to Overcome Job Search Fatigue

The job search can be quite the process and it’s easy to feel defeated. Never give up! You will always find what’s best for you, no matter how long it may seem to take. Giving in to job search fatigue could lead to accepting a job that you really aren’t passionate about or you could even end up exuding a negative attitude during an interview. None of the outcomes are positive, so be sure to check out the 9 ways to overcome job search fatigue!

3 Ways to Search Linkedin While Job Hunting

Linkedin is a powerful tool for networking, job-searching, and gaining industry news. Not only can networking on Linkedin open the door of opportunity for a job but so can other features on the platform. Linkedin is a great tool to research more about a company to see if it may be the right fit for you. There is also a job search feature available to use. Find out more about how Linkedin can be the best job-hunting tool for you!

How to Tell Your Career Story When You’re Shifting Industries

Shifting industries or careers can be tricky when it comes to landing a job on the new path you’re seeking. This holds especially true when you lack or have limited experience. How do you impress employers or recruiters and prove that you have the ability to succeed with the little experience that you may have? How do you ensure that you get the call back for an interview? Find out here!

We hope this week’s round of helpful advice guides you to a successful job search. Do you have any tips on following up with employers regarding job applications? Share them with us below!