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When it comes to searching for a job, how you market yourself is incredibly important. This is true across all of your job search ‘spaces’- your cover letter, your resume, and your social media profiles (especially LinkedIn!). The way in which you present yourself on all of those places is crucial to your success. This week, we’ve gathered a few links that can help you accomplish just that. In addition, we’ve included some general advice and an update on the state of the job market. 

14 CEOs On The Most Valuable Job Skill Right Now

This great article from asked 14 successful CEOs to describe what they think is the most important skill in the workforce right now. These CEOs hail from a wide range of industries, so their answers provide interesting insights within each field. If you’re looking for a skill to highlight on you resume, this might be a good place to do some research.

US Planned Layoffs Fall, While Hiring Picks Up In July

In job market news, planned layoffs have dropped from June to July, great news for all currently in the workforce. For those still searching for employment, there is good news for you too! In July, employers were looking to hire 88,000 employees. Only time will tell if the hiring boom will continue this month as well. While unemployment sat near ‘full’ at 4.3%, the underemployed rate was 8.6%, indicating that many workers were employed below their qualifications.

15 Common Pieces of Career Advice That Are Actually False

There is a lot of ‘conventional wisdom’ about job search and careers. However, just because it’s out there doesn’t mean it is good advice. A few members of the Forbes Coaches Council have come together to safeguard you from this common but inaccurate advice. Even advice that has been generally considered to be correct is now under question. The workplace is constantly changing, and so are the rules. What was good advice a few years ago may no longer hold up. Check out this comprehensive article to make sure you are following up to date advice!

How to Become A LinkedIn All-Star In 10 Minutes

LinkedIn has it’s own tutorial to guide you through updating your page, but there is a lot it doesn’t tell you. If you want to properly set up your profile, this is the article to read. It provides in-depth advice on how to set up your profile and optimize it as well as how to protect it with privacy settings. After a quick read of this article, your LinkedIn profile will be significantly more attractive to a potential employer!

The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips For Job Seekers

For the sake of being thorough, we’ve also included this list from The Muse. It does cover some similar points as the previous article, but also touches upon some new ones as well. If you want to make sure your LinkedIn profile is the greatest it can possibly be, check out both of these articles. This article offers more bite size pieces of advice as opposed to the long form recommendations in the previous link.

Job Hopping: What Happened To Job Loyalty In The US?

The job landscape right now is very different than it has ever been. Employee engagement is king, but it seems now more than ever employees are leaving companies left and right for other opportunities. If you’re curious about this phenomenon, this article provides a good analysis of why job hopping is so common, and the reasons it is so common. Click through to the link above for a thorough analysis.

How to Write a Cover Letter & Resume That’ll Guarantee a Job Offer

Although LinkedIn has been catching up in importance, your cover letter and resume still remain the two most important pieces of your candidacy for employment. How you build them and market yourself directly impacts if you will be hired or passed over. Before you go ahead and update either of those documents, it’d be smart to read through this article from Glassdoor. It will get you in the right mindset to write them in a way that best represents you.

Negotiation 101: How To Get The Best Severance Package

Finding out that you’ve been laid off or let go is terrible news. However, it’s important to be rational when it does happen. It’s still possible to negotiate a better severance package, and getting too emotional may interfere with that. This helpful blog describes all the skills you need, and all the bargaining chips you can work with.

That’s the last link for this week! We hope the articles above have inspired you to update your resume, cover letters, LinkedIn, and more to better market yourself in the job market. We’ll be back next week with another set of links!